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Suzuki alto relates to the amazing brand Suzuki.
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What can be striking when you look at the new Suzuki Alto for the first time? Surely, its simplicity. The developers have really done considerable work that would make the design of the van more dynamic and attractive. It was a big step forward in comparison with its predecessor. With a total length of 3.5 m and a width of 1 m 60 cm the new Suzuki Alto has strong appearance, which instantly betrays its city's identity. The car is equipped with a good 3-cylinder engine of the volume of 1 l. Light and compact unit has good characteristics and meets the requirements of the toxicity of EURO-5. Suzuki Alto However at the suburban routes the new Suzuki Alto does not well and so smooth, as in the city. Already at a speed of 100 km/h you start feeling yourself not very comfortable. The first thing you notice is that the noise level increases with increasing speed in a geometrical progression. Developers of Suzuki Alto bet on maneuverability. And indeed, during the trips within the city the car shows a slight behavior, smooth reaction and not a great effort on the steering wheel. Its suspension well isolates passengers from shock and vibration. If there is a need to park in a tight spot, the driver will be exceedingly pleased with the turning radius of the new Suzuki Alto, which is only 4.5 m. Inside Suzuki Alto has a good salon either. The front panel is quite nice, and the audio system raises the mood. It is somewhat surprising that the mirror does not have a lever, which shifts it into the dimming mode. And it would be very useful in the night when the meeting cars could blind the driver. The majority of free space in its salon is given to the passengers of the front row. Of course, 4 doors significantly simplify the process of embarkation and disembarkation, but we cannot say that rear seats are very comfortable. Suzuki Alto If Suzuki Alto has some extraordinary characteristics, then it is without a doubt the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance. It is equal to 0.30. This value allows achieving a good performance in fuel consumption and the amount of harmful emissions. Taking into account that the actual consumption comes up to only 4 l. per 100 km, you would like to go somewhere outside the city. But Suzuki Alto is not the best choice for long-distance travel. If we analyze the advantages and disadvantages and try to put a final assessment to the new Suzuki Alto, then maybe it is just the case when you need to understand that we are talking about really utilitarian vehicle of a small class. Suzuki Alto is a van without special claims, but with a good set of advantages.

suzuki alto suzuki alto suzuki alto suzuki alto
suzuki alto suzuki alto suzuki alto suzuki alto
suzuki alto

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Suzuki alto

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