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Chevrolet cruze

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Chevrolet cruze found on brand Chevrolet - Cruze
Chevrolet cruze relates to the amazing brand Chevrolet.
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Finishing of torpedo very makes happy and covered by a skin helm with the lever of Gearbox. Other moments attract not very - all at ordinary middle level. Conducting in a role of owner this Chevrolet yet a week and passing hardly more than thousand kilometers, it is desirable to notice that some moments began to be perceived quite other gates. Foremost, it is desirable again to mention the tandem of engine and gear-box, and also no less important part of any car - pendant.

Chevrolet Cruze An engine still makes happy by the work and he fully can be named a good variant for the use in city boundaries, because more powerful colleague will be useful the swept volume in a 1,8 L. only in a pair with automatic transmission, and for manual transmission a 1,6-with a capacity of one the liter aggregate will be fully enough.

Transmissions in a box are included not bad, but circumstance that in transition on the lowered transmission it is necessary to help, a bit embarrasses however. And clearness in including is not a bit enough - it is needed to get used. Separate attention we awarded with computer testimonies. Certainly many often have questions regarding veracity of testimonies about the supply of motion that shows an airborne recorder. To believe him or no - here question on that it is always desirable to get an answer to that moment, when petrol will make off, and a machine will get up without a fuel on the side of a road. So, tucking in a complete tank by a capacity in 60 L., we noted - Cruze declared that would be able to pass on this fuel a 562 km Task was - to beat this index.

Chevrolet Cruze In parallel with the tests of supply of motion it was succeeded to check the expense of fuel. Preliminary information’s said of that Cruze with hand gear shift able to consume in city boundaries only 9 L. of fuel on 100 km of way. In the total, as see, a 60-with a capacity of one the liter fuel tank had him on a 565 km certainly, indexes would be and better, but corks, as usual, brought in the adjustments. In any case the rhythm of ride in a megalopolis did not allow dropping an expense below than mark in 10 L. on 100 km of way.

Although if to take into account circumstance that modification with automatic transmission expends on the average on 2 L. of fuel anymore, the indexes got by us however look attractively enough.

A few words it is desirable to say and about the musical system that brightens up leisure of any motorist certainly. Firstly her it was desirable to name the weakest link in a chain and to stamp disgrace, but in the total a few positive moments nevertheless succeeded to be found. To the defects at once we will take work of tuner that simply refuses to find some wireless stations though.

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chevrolet cruze chevrolet cruze chevrolet cruze chevrolet cruze
chevrolet cruze

What do you think about this vehicle?

Dylan I am ready to sell your home, hand, foot and wife =) only for buying this car
2012-12-04 02:11:09
peter-FORD stupid car! bought a month ago and has probably changed the all the parts! i could buy 10 old Fords for the same price! Ford Focus looks terrible, but it's as hard as a tractor.
2012-12-04 02:12:51
Chikitta Awesome car! I know, people say that the repair Chevrolet more expensive. But riding Chevrolet 100 times nicer than for example a Ford Focus! As for repairs, but just do not break it!
2012-12-04 02:13:28
Cruze4ever Of course! if we throw a Chevrolet Cruze from the 10th floor, it will be worse than the Ford Focus. Although .. Uh.. Chevrolet still the coolest
2012-12-04 02:14:15
PETER MAKARIMAYI The chev cruze is just excellent, I was once interested in the Focus, after test driving the Chev Cruze, I wish I could just afford it and jealously keep it. It is a smooth treasure.
2012-12-05 04:16:07
Johnny White Chev was, is and always will be the best buy rather than a Ford. Chev parts may be expensive but ford is born with rust. The ride is also very comfy. The interior is also something to appreciate. well done Chev.
2012-12-05 04:27:29
Jeffrey Madlala I don't have anything against Ford Focus but I love Chevrolet Cruze,
2012-12-05 06:15:04
ImportsOnly No coments chevy is beter.. But imports more
2012-12-05 06:31:06
Lance Strachan Pretty average, efficient, mundane modern car. Ride and handling adequate as is that of most modern cars - however Focus a cut above the ordinary. Give it 5 years and compare two similar cars with similar mileage and I would be surprised if the Cruze matches up to the Focus>
2012-12-05 07:53:11
Earle (Dice) Lewis Like the thought (tech) behind the Chev a bit more, but maybe less doors on each would add a little style. Priced right on the Ford, and comeon gang.....they're not Cadillacs/Lincolns. i
2012-12-05 09:31:07
Gerry In general, the Cruz should be a fantastic car. In General, GM can design some great cars, even some that look great. Study the Corvette SS that Duntov got built. For 1957 (At Sebring) the thinking today is the car could have won. The turbocharged four (Ecotech) has been out for many years. I think I was at the Chicago auto show and wanting to see one back in about 1997, I think. I finally found it at the end of a line of huge engines and it had no details. At Road America for the Vintage races, I talked to a guy who sounded like he was VERY familiar with the I-4 Turbo Ecotech. He said that they could get up to 600HP with the engine and then it blew the head off. When they put in long bolts that went from the crank to the head, then they could get 1,000 hp. The Cobalt SS cars with the top of the line seats and interior won SCCA racing in their class and if you squint your eyes and dream, the car is just like a Porsche. The Cruz is like that too. GM needs to get somebody to let the Industrial Designers loose. If the Top Executives were any good they would use the talent they have in house. Most Small GM cars sound like Agricultural implements. This is on purpose. Nobody wants to build a sweet little car. A SAFE, sweet little car, because that would kill the goose. My Dad had a 1934 Chevrolet Town Sedan, Drove it until 1949, and always got Chevys. I have two VWs with stick shift. The newest is a Golf R.
2012-12-05 17:38:32
Gerry This is a comment about the Ford Focus. Once, beginning in about 1963, Henry Ford II spent a huge amount to make Ford a world champion in International Racing. You can look up Ford - Ferrari Wars. He was very successful. My first car was a 1948 Mercury Coupe Hot Rod. I drove Fords as Company cars for years. The seats ruined my back until the Granada had reclining seat backs. Ford makes some very nice cars now, I think Alan Mullaley (sp) was the reason. The small fords are also sold in England, but they are MUCH BETTER over there. I knew a Swiss engineer who was doing work for Ford in the mid 1980s. He had a European Ford Focus as his company car. It was MUCH FASTER, and it got BETTER FUEL MILEAGE than the US car. When Ford wants to they can build some really great cars. You must decide if the car is suitable for your use. Their Rally cars always seem to break.
2012-12-05 17:52:04
MR OMOLABI KOLEOWO Ofcourse ford cruze is more stronger,durable and economically viable than any other car in its category.It is equally unique in driving;i can stake anything for this car.
2012-12-05 07:20:17
reginaldo it has very bold design however is not for anyone
2012-12-07 16:00:42
wilson it is not really pretty at the back,but it looks cool at the front.
2013-02-23 04:00:31
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Chevrolet cruze

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