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Ford econoline v8

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Ford econoline v8 relates to the amazing brand Ford.
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Ford Econoline was presented in the mid-sixties to fill the gap of rear-drive microbuses on the market. Since that time the demand for outstanding wagon rose step by step. The main advantage of the vehicle was its capacity characteristics together with engine’s capabilities. This or that model was leading in some year, and then its popularity could have been down. The most impressive results were achieved by Wagon version of Ford Econoline. They underwent a series of modifications. They were sold in large amounts in the nineties. Rear-wheel drive base was used to present a luxury version of Econoline lineup. The 4.9-liter V6 engine, coupled to automatic transmission, was very capable, even when the wagon was overloaded. The type of the body could be chosen according to the preferences of the future owner. The most successful models were designed for those, willing to live on the road. So the car could be easily turned into a small house for travelers. Ford Econoline The general overview suggests that the cabin was very spacious with lots of wood panels in the cabin. The atmosphere was felt by the owner in the manner of old-time hippies. Three rows of the seats were comfortable with manual control systems. Mid-row seats were equipped with seatbelts. Third-row seats reminded a leather couch, but it was also equipped with safety seatbelts. Ford Econoline As for the amenities, the equipment included a TV-set above the driver’s seat, a CD-changer, an audio system and a TV-tuner. Other equipment was presented by power windows, air-conditioning, steering booster. As for the latter, it made the ride easier, while the driver had no need to put additional effort to steering. These amenities are presented in the standard specification. But in the reality the future owner can order special, exclusive models of Econoline Wagon. New platform, able to produce brand-new microbuses, has already been created. The model grows in the amount of admirers year by year, while the Ford Company tries hard to compete with rivals.

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ford econoline v8 ford econoline v8 ford econoline v8 ford econoline v8
ford econoline v8

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