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Volkswagen beetle

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Volkswagen beetle found on brand Volkswagen - Beetle
Volkswagen beetle relates to the amazing brand Volkswagen.
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I think that the Volkswagen Beetle is the best car. I know that say, because I was drove different cars. I had even zero foreign cars whose doors had been sealed by the manufacturer, and a quantity of kilometers under the speedometer needle has been nil. And I still think that the best car this is the Beetle. He does not look like other cars. I do not want to write about the specifications and design features that developed Ferdinant Porsche, because of that there is a lot of information which can be easily found.

The most important thing in this car - it's the feeling, which you get from it. Together with him you are the center of attention of other people, all views directed only to you. You start from a traffic light first, because everyone was looking at the Beetle, and only you on the green light. People, who are waiting public transport at bus stops, simultaneously turn their heads to you and see off you amused glances.

Other drivers opened the windows of their cars on the move and telling you compliments. When you arrive at the vehicle inspection, the work stops and messy facial of hard workers are going near the open hood of your car and timidly touched the motor their fingers, which is located at the rear of the car. This story is not ironic, it's everything actually happened with me. I even once photographed the scene.

Volkswagen Beetle

I like stand on the street and watch the people who are beginning to walk slowly when they see the parked Beetle. Women take pictures on their mobile phones brilliance of sunlight on my car. You will see the style and perfection of this car, when, after washing, you will stroked hand over his curved forms. It is an incomparable feeling.

Among other cars, very few will give you such a feeling. Although they can give Morgan Aero 4, but its price is $ 3000, and the Volkswagen Beetle can be bought for a couple hundred dollars in good condition. One day, after continuous driving through the city on Beetle, I was able to drive a Fiat, and at the first crossroads, I felt a complete lack of self and on the road. Nobody looked at me and turned his head in my direction. I was feeling depersonalized.

It does not matter you have a Mercedes or a Renault, you are no different from other motorists.

I had a white Beetle 1983. He was as light as a butterfly and budge as Formula-1 car. I presented it to my girlfriend, and enjoyed him style and shine on the passenger seat of car. We called our Volkswagen Beetle "kefir", because in German "Beetle" sounds like "Kafer".

volkswagen beetle volkswagen beetle volkswagen beetle volkswagen beetle
volkswagen beetle volkswagen beetle volkswagen beetle volkswagen beetle

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Volkswagen beetle

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