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Mitsubishi lancer evolution

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Mitsubishi lancer evolution relates to the amazing brand Mitsubishi.
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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a sporting variant of Mitsubishi Lancer. Sedan (IX a generation was produced similarly with a basket all-round craftsman) is executed in a basket. Outwardly differs in from standard Lancer a bumper, hood, spoiler, extended wings. Has more powerful turbocharger engine (to the 10th generation 4G63 was put, that is famous the capacity under trying conditions, more hard basket, complete drive, mechanical, automatic or automatic transmission with two coupling. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X is created to conquer routes. Dynamic character of car underlines a swift, aggressive design. The aerodynamic form of basket, ideal proportions and sporting equipment, underline a unicity and superiority. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Interior The interior of Lancer Evolution ideally corresponds to appearance. Brand name racing front seats of RECARO, musical system of premium of Rockford Fosgate by power 650 Watts with 9th loud speakers, ergonomics devices, lever of switching of transmissions and steering wheel covered by a skin, provide the real drive and pleasure from a ride. In motion Lancer Evolution brings a 4-cylinder 16-valvular 2-with a capacity of one the liter engine over with two overhead cam-shafts and system of change of phases of timing of MIVEC equipped by turbocharger with the intercooler of charge air. An engine develops maximal power of 295 hp, and a maximal twisting moment is 366 hm. Many details of engine, including a crankcase, head of cylinders and lid of chain of drive of gas-distributing mechanism made from an easy aluminum instead of cast-iron that allowed bringing down weight and increasing efficiency of work of aggregate. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Unique development of Mitsubishi - Super All Wheel Control - excels even our systems of complete drive of past generations and gives to the driver unprecedented control above the car. Lancer Evolution is projected with a calculation on speed, but not due to safety. In the construction of the basket collected on unique technology of RISE (system of providing of safety at collisions), high-strength steel and high-strength beams, forming a protective structure round passengers, are used. Such construction promotes safety of driver and passengers due to the zones of the programmed deformation, which redirect, take in and disperse energy of blow, abandoning the salon of car in safety. For the increase of level of defense of passengers in case of accident of Lancer Evolution equipped by the system from seven pillows of safety, working at a frontal or lateral collision. In case of lateral collision front and back passengers are protected by the lateral pillows of safety of brise-bise type. Front passengers are protected by the front and lateral pillows of safety. The additional pillow of safety for defense of knees of driver in case of accident stabilizes position of his feet and underbody of body.

mitsubishi lancer evolution mitsubishi lancer evolution mitsubishi lancer evolution mitsubishi lancer evolution
mitsubishi lancer evolution mitsubishi lancer evolution mitsubishi lancer evolution mitsubishi lancer evolution
mitsubishi lancer evolution

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Mitsubishi lancer
Mitsubishi lancer evolution

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