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Volkswagen polo

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Volkswagen polo relates to the amazing brand Volkswagen.
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I have a car Ford, it is the 1998th release. I decided to buy the new car.

I chose the car very long. I read articles on the Internet. I read articles in newspapers. I asked municipal friends and acquaintances. Reported at a forum with owners of cars. I compared among themselves various cars. I looked for necessary color, the size. Transferred many time. I chose the car. The choice fell to Volkswagen Polo.

Volkswagen Polo

Why I made this choice?
I want to have such car.
I have a numerous family. The wife and the son wanted the big car. The son had no place on a back seat of the car. My choice was pleasant to the wife. Money was sufficient to buy this car.
I liked all features of the car. I didn't find the best car.

I learned about Volkswagen Polo on the Internet. I looked test drive. This video compelled me to buy the car. We have in the city many motor shows. Sellers allowed to do a little travel on many cars.

In shop there are many cars. There are cars which weren't pleasant to me. I won't tell about what car advantage and that the car badly.

I didn't change the mind. It buys me compelled to rejoice. I paid expenses a half. I started waiting when the seller will bring me the car.

The car I waited month. Would wait more many time. I called the seller and showed him shading. I didn't like that so long can't bring the car.I received the car in next weekends after a call to the seller. The car is in my garage of 30 days. I and my family like Volkswagen Polo. We like to go by the car. The car already has 1650 kilometers. Everything is very pleasant to me. The car has shortcomings. The car publishes noise. It is a lot of plastic in a nutria of the car.Car not so big. I wanted the car more. Plastic details awfully smell.

Our family loves this car.:)

I give advice to the buyer:
1.Ask what car it is pleasant to members of your family.
2.Solve how many money for purchase you can spend.
3.What size to you is important.
4.Where you plan to go by the car.
5.How many places are necessary for you that all family members were located in the car.

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Volkswagen polo

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