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Peugeot 308

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Peugeot 308 relates to the amazing brand Peugeot.
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Peugeot 308 – front-wheel drive five-door hatchback class C. The debut of car took place on June, 5, 2007. He came on changing successful Peugeot 307, from that inherited a platform and layout. The concept of a pleasant surprise, and immediately becomes clear – the machine working properly. Possessing higher and capacious, what at a 307th model, by a salon, outside Peugeot 308 became on a 12 mm below than predecessor. Peugeot 308 Peugeot 308 possesses one of the best indexes of coefficient of aerodynamic resistance among the cars of small class - Cx = 0.29! A control panel provides an excellent review. Thus, the volume of cooled glove box is 10 L., and the adjustable center armrest – 6 CDs. Peugeot 308 is equipped by the modern engines of the swept volume 1.6 L., created in a concord with BMW Group. Engine of EP6 1,6 VTi (Variable Valve Lift and Timing injection) is an atmospheric engine with the electronic injection of fuel, by maximal power 88 kW(120 hp) at 6000 rpm and by a twisting moment 160 nm at 4250 rpm It fully sufficiently, to disperse 308 to 100 km/h after 10,8 with at high speed 195 km/h. Engine of EP6DT 1,6 THP (Turbo High Pressure) equipped the swept volume a 1598 cm by the turbo-compressor of «Twin Scroll» and develops an imposing twisting moment 240 nm already at 1400 rpm. Maximal engine power is 110 kW (150 hp) at 5800 rpm (103 kW at 6000 rpm on a version with automatic transmission). On results a test Euro NCAP Peugeot 308 got maximal «five stars» in a category «defense of adult passengers» (ADULT OCCUPANT PROTECTION). Peugeot 308 On the base of concept of Peugeot 308 SW Prologue was built wagon of model row 308, getting denotation of SW. Length of all-round craftsman makes a 4,5 m. A wheel-base on a 10 cm is longer, than at hatchback. In addition, he on 22 cm. longer of the same name hatchback, and the volume of luggage compartment (at the set seats of the second row) makes 674 L. Maximal length transported in a salon 308 SW of objects can arrive at a 3,1 m, but for this purpose will be to lay down the back of seat of front passenger. In addition, 308 SW can be ordered in a seven local version: two additional (accordion) seats can be set in the luggage rack of machine. In my opinion, this car is just the dream. Given that at present it is difficult to find a car that matches the full preferences of motorists and road enthusiasts. I advise everyone - you really will be pleased! Peugeot 308 definitely deserves attention and undoubtedly - the highest rating. This is a fairy tale!

peugeot 308 peugeot 308 peugeot 308 peugeot 308
peugeot 308 peugeot 308 peugeot 308 peugeot 308
peugeot 308

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Peugeot 308

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