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Peugeot 406 relates to the amazing brand Peugeot.
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The debut of Peugeot 406 took place in October, 1995. Masters of style of Peugeot united classic style with the elements of modern design and a beautiful and elegant car turned out. Smooth lines, expressive knowable design, dynamic silhouette, powerful low lowered forehand of corps, sunk bumpers; complement picture almond-shaped headlights. After a few years Peugeot 406 became one of the most popular representatives of business-class in Europe. Saving the lines of brand name style, Peugeot 406 excels at sizes a preceding model 405. One of greatest sedan of middle class turned out - aggressive, but elegant and elegant. Especially showily a front view looks: from a flat hood and wide track feeling is created, that a car stands on the road, as poured in. Peugeot 406 Peugeot 406 was offered in three levels of equipment: base SR (most widespread), ST with the quality velvet trim, conditioner and electro-package, and also top version of SL with a leather salon and climate control. In autumn of 1996 respectable all-round craftsman of Break bore under the same index. Beautiful and capacious volume of luggage rack at build back seats of 1741 L all-round craftsman as good as possible befitted for the needs of practical Europeans.

In 1997 of public Peugeot presented 406 compartments, the design of that was created, on kind tradition of Peugeot, jointly with the known Italian atelier of Pininfarina. In 2000 Peugeot 406 subjected restyling. Modernization was by the way, because the volume of sales began to fall, and a becoming cool model had to provide the expected increase of orders. The prosecution of update version was also conducted in a concord with Pininfarina. Peugeot 406 A driving seat now possesses regulation of angle of slope and in acquisition of SV an electro mechanic became a standard. The third under head, and also protective window shade of back glass, was behind added. Base acquisition includes a steering booster, central lock remotely operating, immobilizer, side computer, front and back window raiser, climate-control, fog lamps, heating of front seats, audio system, and outward mirrors electrically-actuated and heating, sensor of rain and cast disks. A spacious, comfortable and ergonomics salon is ready to accept to 5 persons. Due to accordion by installments back seats a 406th model possesses an imposing enough on volume luggage rack.

High active and passive strength security is provided due to ABS that is included in standard acquisition and also frontal and lateral pillows of safety for a driver and front passenger. Today 406 a model gave place Peugeot 407.

peugeot 406 peugeot 406 peugeot 406 peugeot 406
peugeot 406 peugeot 406 peugeot 406 peugeot 406
peugeot 406 peugeot 406

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