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Volvo v70 l

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Volvo v70 l found on brand Volvo - V70
Volvo v70 l relates to the amazing brand Volvo.
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In 1997, the company Volvo presented a model follower 850 Wagon is the car of new generation of V70. «V» – Versatility (something multilateral, universal). The car has full drive modifications: standard V70 AWD and V70 XC - with a megascopic travelling road clearance and some changed registration of basket. Choosing Volvo V70 AWD, except comfortable all-round craftsman, a proprietor gets a complete drive yet. Volvo V70 Volvo V70XC, at presence of complete drive, megascopic travelling road clearance and refined style, perfectly gets along at a road not only on difficult out-of-town routes but also on speed open highways and in city. Seats provide a comfort even at the protracted journeys. Equipped by electro-heating and have elbow-rests on either side. Plus comfortable regulation of position and inclination of back, height, and also supports for small of back and distance to the pedals of management. The volume of luggage separation in this version depends on the method of transformation of arm-chairs. A standard value at 5 available spaces (420 L.) can be megascopic to imposing 1580. It is possible to lay down backs and pillows 1, 2 or all 3 seats in a back row. Then the back of backs forms a single plane with sex of luggage separation. Possibility of stowage of back of front passenger arm-chair is additionally envisaged in the car. At transportation of bulk freights it is possible to set the reticulated partition. Quality of assembling high-level fully corresponds to status of «donor». Many elements of interior are well acquainted is both the «suspended» central cantilever and multifunction steering wheel, migrating with last «eighty». Good visibility is attained due to relatively narrow lateral bars and subzero edge of back glass. Volvo V70 Depending on acquisition of V70, the special ventilators can be built-in in seats, lowering the temperature of upholstering. The Audio system is projected calculating on setting of regular subwoofer. A salon filter not only catches the particles of dust but also shuts out penetration from outside of odor nuisances. A producer especially marks ecological safety of finishing materials of salon, not defiant besides allergic reactions. In general, inwardly «seventy» is felt caring of producer about his inhabitants. On an option book there is a complete set under the name «Clean air». At unlocking of car with key fob ventilation is automatically included. Ventilation takes place during approximately one minute, if temperature outside higher 10 degrees. The system filters air in a salon, taking him to accordance to the requirements of Swedish Association for warning of asthma and allergy.

volvo v70 l volvo v70 l volvo v70 l volvo v70 l
volvo v70 l volvo v70 l volvo v70 l volvo v70 l
volvo v70 l

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