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Volkswagen bus relates to the amazing brand Volkswagen.
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VW Bus T1 is the symbol of the German “economic miracle”. By now everyone knows him as “Bulli” (bull). VW Bus T1 is the cult car of many generations. He is not only associated with “Flower Power”, but also often decorated by owners with different artwork. Since 1950, VW Typ 1 became the second generation of Volkswagen cars for personal use, on the basis of which later was built many motor homes. Since its first production VW Bus was the top seller on the market (1.8 million models), and today it is a symbol of the German “economic miracle”. It is available in various versions: minivan, lorry, wagon or special auto. The official name of the model - VW Transporter. Since 1967, T2 continues era of VW Bus. It was little different from its predecessor in body form. Change and modernization have touched most of the technical side and the body. In addition, in second VW Bus appeared comfortable driver's cab. The sales of the model increased: over 2.5 million published cars, most of which were exported. T2 became even more popular than T1 and had more powerful engine, disc brakes and three-speed automatic transmission. It was also strengthened undercarriage in 1974. Volkswagen Bus The third generation, VW Bus T3, replaced the VW T2 in 1979. The model has been completely redesigned with angular shape and looks more different from its two predecessors. T3 body and interior are similar to the subsequent model T4 and T5. The third generation VW Bus lasted on the market longer than any other models and produced over 13 years. T3 was significantly wider and therefore more spacious. In addition, the technical part has been upgraded. This is a rack and pinion arrangement in the steering mechanism, front suspension and rear suspension bridge with diagonal wheels on axles. T3 had diesel and gasoline water cooling engine. Much of the standard equipment used today appeared at that time. Volkswagen Bus Fourth generation VW Bus T4 was also an absolute novelty. Engineers have developed a new model in 1990. After 34 years of first car release, engineers forbid the rear wheel drive and rear engine. It is appear the cross located in-line engine with front-wheel drive and entire load platform. In this case, the driver's cabin was moved a bit back, so the driver and passenger door situated behind the front wheels. In 1996, the model was restyled: first used TDI engine, power increased up to 150 hp and since 2000 - the VR6 engine 204 hp. The new fifth-generation VW Bus T5 almost not changed. It was built on a platform of T4, from which the new model looks identical. The new was emergence of turbo diesel and additional modifications in each price category. After restyling VW Bus T5 in fall 2009 he was fitted with 2.0-liter bi-turbo diesel engine of various capacities, as well as a 3.6-liter V6 engine with a 7-speed gearbox DSG.

volkswagen bus volkswagen bus volkswagen bus volkswagen bus
volkswagen bus volkswagen bus volkswagen bus volkswagen bus
volkswagen bus

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Volkswagen bus

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