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Saab 9-3

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Saab 9-3 found on brand Saab - 9-3
Saab 9-3 relates to the amazing brand Saab.
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The car «Saab 9-3» represents the serial car which is made by company «Saab». For creation of the given model of the car technical and design decisions of mark «Opel Vectra» are used. The first model of the car «Saab 9-3» has been presented to general public per 1998. The advanced version of the car has left in 2003. The model of the car «Saab 93» was issued by company «Saab» since 1955 for 1960. Designers of the company managed to create unique technical decisions which significantly have improved road performance of the car. The car «Saab 9-3» differs high aerodynamic parameters. Transmission of the car significantly has been modified, that has raised maneuverability. At the wheel the car the driver is secure and is comfortable at movement on any surface of road. Saab 9-3 «Saab 9-3» significantly differs from the last modifications. Designers were possible manage the unique external ex-terrier of the car. Now the car became more solid and intellectuals. Thus it was possible to keep its sports character traits. Engineers have added new light-emitting diode headlights of the car which are located above headlights of daylight. The given technical decision is looked very beautifully at night-time. Designers also have substantially changed a cover of a luggage space – have cleaned extra details which spoilt a general impression. Such decision has not affected dynamic characteristics of the car. The review of road for the driver significantly has increased. The factor of aerodynamic resistance for the car «Saab 9-3» makes 0,28. Saab 9-3 Also the internal interior of the car which now became more modern has been changed. Engineers have not changed the location of a manual brake. Designers have made essential variations to the central console – there were new, innovative elements. The car differs a lot of innovative systems which significantly facilitate management of the car and raise a security of passengers and the driver. The volume of a luggage space has been increased. Seats of back passengers can be combined, that allows transporting various things. On the car it is possible to establish engines in volume from 1,8 up to 2,8 liters, capacity up to 250 horsepower’s and high parameters of a twisting instant.

saab 9-3 saab 9-3 saab 9-3 saab 9-3
saab 9-3 saab 9-3 saab 9-3 saab 9-3
saab 9-3

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Rino Sorriento
About photo #3
I think this is really beautiful SAAB 93
2012-11-19 07:40:06
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Saab 9-3

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