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Volkswagen bug

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Volkswagen bug relates to the amazing brand Volkswagen.
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VW Bug is one of most manufactured cars which is the longest-running vehicle worldwide. This German economy car was produced from 1938 till 2003. There has always been demand for these light and funny cars, although it can’t be called a very practical car. As for performance indicators, there’s an option to choose among 75bhp 1.4-litre, 102bhp 1.6-litre, 115bhp 2-litre and 150bhp 1.8-litre turbo petroleum engines. The diesel engine is 1.9-liter, producing 105bhp. Standard configuration also includes five speed gearbox, which is typical for all recent models. VW Bug, especially the most up-to date versions, boasts having good handling and comfortable piloting. Testing it on a Motorway gives pleasure with its abundance in sharp turns, because steering is really at a good level. volkswagen bug The exterior of the original Bug is recognizable throughout the world. Modern versions still resemble previous ones, but engineers added some futuristic features to the model. Latest versions have redesigned bumpers with a bit sharper edges. Headlights also were given another form, a more balanced one. Another tendency of producers is to manufacture cars of retro-design, which of course grasps the attention of car-lovers. As for the interior of the car, it can’t offer enough room for legs especially in the rear seats. But the car offers much light and space for head for the driver and the passengers. The interior has metal surfaces, front seats which are easy to adjust, fold-down rear seats. There is a complex system of window washing, which gathers water in a spare tire so as to cut down on the expenses of an electronic pump system. The interior of the car is equipped with lots of useful storage bins. volkswagen bug VW Bug is a very reliable car, but in case of urgent repairs, the owner won’t need to spend much money. The platform, on which the car is based, is a near-twin of VW Golf. All the main details can be found in other models of VW, that’s why to find a necessary detail is a piece of cake. The company initiated more than 10000 changes to the interior and exterior of the car in its long history. The most recent models have the following basic configuration parameters: audio system supporting radio and CD, heated door mirrors. The car is also equipped with ABS and Anti-lock brakes system. Piloting a Bug is a wonderful experience due to its compact nature and comfortable seats. To drive this car is to have part of the stylish lifestyle, which VW had created almost 70 years ago.

volkswagen bug volkswagen bug volkswagen bug volkswagen bug
volkswagen bug volkswagen bug volkswagen bug volkswagen bug
volkswagen bug

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Volkswagen bug

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