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Toyota fj40

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Toyota fj40 relates to the amazing brand Toyota.
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Toyota FJ40 represents the third generation of the popular and famous Land Cruiser. And although the car was not the first born among off-road vehicles, it received the status of a legend and has brought in name Land Cruiser in the world of automobile history. During World War II Japanese government commissioned Toyota to develop a light car with four-wheel drive for the Japanese military. Few months later engineers presented prototype Toyota AK (or Yon-Shiki Kogata Kamotsu-Sha), which in Japanese means "Fourth model of light trucks." Toyota FJ40 Toyota came back to production of the off-road vehicles. During the next decade several versions of the vehicle were produced, but it had not had serial character. A second generation of the vehicle saw the world in 1955. Toyota FJ20 series differs from its predecessor by a civil design and better handling. But the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 represents the car of the third generation and was presented in 1960. Vehicles of FJ40 series were significantly different from their predecessors. If the early models of Land Cruiser were copied from Willys, FJ40 had his own design. Besides, it was the first Land Cruiser with a reduction row transmission. In addition new equipment in factories Toyota, high quality of materials and assembly has increased several times. All that provided even greater reliability of the car. Initially Land Cruiser of the third generation consisted of one modification - FJ40. It was two-door off-road vehicles with a soft or hard roof. It was the most popular version of the Land Cruiser of 40 series. Toyota FJ40 However, Toyota had a very responsible approach to the issue of its FJ40 model: the marketing department of the company constantly did researching and all observations of Land Cruiser owners were immediately reported to the authorities. So soon in the model row appeared two new versions: FJ43 and FJ45 with a wheelbase of 2430 and 2650 mm respectively. In addition long wheelbase FJ45V model was available for the purchasers - passenger van, which allowed to transport a large number of people and cargo.

toyota fj40 toyota fj40 toyota fj40 toyota fj40
toyota fj40 toyota fj40 toyota fj40 toyota fj40
toyota fj40

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H├ęctor Cruz I love it that is why I'm in the process of restoring my own '78 FJ40....
2013-02-14 18:47:06

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