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Volvo s60 2.0

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Volvo s60 2.0 found on brand Volvo - S60
Volvo s60 2.0 relates to the amazing brand Volvo.
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First appearance of Volvo S60 R is dated 2003.This solid and beautiful sedan has a real sportive and aggressive look. The car has effective and very harmonious body, 18-inch wheels, “mean” front bumper, low shipping and double exhaust pipes. Letters “R” could be found almost everywhere, at the radiator grille, lid of the hood, dicks, brake supporters and other. In general vehicle looks like a fireball that came down to the road and its owner can enjoy every minute spent on the road. Volvo S60 Volvo S60R equipped with 2,5-liter 5-cylinder turbo engine which is the pride of the company. It has a rare arrangement with five-cylinder turbo charging, which can be considered a generic feature of the Volvo of new generation. In addition the engine has 300 hp and 400 Nm of torque. Entering the cylinders the air is cooled by two intercoolers. This engine impresses by its smooth work, gives maximum power at 1950 rpm and demonstrates powerful acceleration in every gear. Automatic transmission provide quick switch between gears that is very advantageous during the sportive driving mode. But if driver want to move maximum aggressively and needs to switch gears manually, then he can slow down the engine and in general increase the level of control of the car. Volvo S60 However no matter how good is the automatic transmission mechanical transmission is much better for the car of its class. Version with manual reaches 100 km / h in 5,7 seconds, that is one second faster than with automatic one. The basis of the suspension is a system of active Four-C shock absorber, which has three algorithms and independently controls each column separately, depending on traffic conditions. Interior of the car performed in classic style. Here you can find luxury and noble features. Light brown color of leather seats and door panels create an aura of elegance and greatness. Insertions made of polished metal on the dashboard and doors give the bright spots to the passenger compartment. A solid coverage of steering wheel, gear shift, inside door handles and handbrake lever are made of black leather. The assembly of the passenger department quality performed and looks elegant.

volvo s60 2.0 volvo s60 2.0 volvo s60 2.0 volvo s60 2.0
volvo s60 2.0 volvo s60 2.0 volvo s60 2.0 volvo s60 2.0
volvo s60 2.0

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Volvo s60 2.0

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