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Daewoo matiz

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Daewoo matiz found on brand Daewoo - Matiz
Daewoo matiz relates to the amazing brand Daewoo.
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Dignity: Power Steering. It was very good. Steering wheel turns Very easily with your fingers, literally, steering wheel, plastic gentle enough there are notches on the wheel is very comfortable for fingers Sharp brakes, which are inaudible even during heavy braking. By the way, not a bad noise insulation in the salon, what happens on the street, you can see if you open the window really liked upshot receivers — factory cassette not engine stalls, and when pulling out the key of the ignition lock receiver enters Standby mode: very handy, because the receiver will not stay turned on a bad suspension Weightless pedals. Even brake pedal switch lock is good enough just to click and hold to corner the engine on the XX has not clear at all works or not is wound with a twist.

Agility — it is unique. This is the goddess of parking, without embellishing: parks, anywhere and anyhow, getting into any slot, and "pushes on any patch of Economy. All in all, I drove 1000 miles from Moscow, in this time of their purse I wasted on the 95-th 1000! rubles. The truth has already been flooded with stove + I was rescued by a man whom I carried to electric steel being what it is I tucked in a full tank on a 95 900 rubles. A total of 1900 rubles per 1000 km.

Dependability. Perhaps this is the main difference from the basin. The machine starts and goes everywhere.

Daewoo Matiz

Dynamism. Yes, Just have to be accustomed to the car, then the machine will surprise you with its dynamics. Breaking up with a traffic light is very fast and confident. The road ran 110 ...120 km/h at 2850 ...3000 rpm (former host of on the tachometer) Ergonomics in General – sturdy plastic a couple of times on engraved has, but the most that was, it's itchy Factory alloy wheels keep hitting hard the dimensions are burning as the middle light is very convenient and economical, because sailors no questions no claims of flaws:

Trunk. Yes, it's Slow, suspension and overhangs. You have to be very careful when you arrive at the police/pit etc unevenness — suspension easily punched, for blows hard and unpleasant. Suspension makes the way of run over 10 cm hole didn't have winter tires. Now I understand that one must learn before you buy Matiz owner about the impact of winter tires with the car, because the dimensions of non-standard, and horseradish or money are sweating glasses. Problem solved the glass to remove from the CZ shop balances moisture

The stove is not a fountain, is inaudible and incomprehensible Weak passing/driving light bulb — nor horseradish is not visible at night. Here's a guess what to replace? Special case (or serial) is hanging loose backdrop, transfer of gibberish and fuzzy. Kind of like is cured by replacement of cables, but — you have to look Up my machine was paternal Matiz Chevy 96 year of issue.

And after selling it I decided to good: "no more OLD CARS!", although considered any budgetary options in the $ 2000 -4000. Flowability of father's basin was unique — with him eternally something happened, enumerate, even pointless, but NORMAL "sat down and gone" is not exactly about it. Strangely enough, but the people we have appreciated the "classics" because it left the entry of just a few hours after submitting ads.

daewoo matiz daewoo matiz daewoo matiz daewoo matiz
daewoo matiz daewoo matiz daewoo matiz daewoo matiz

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Bodhisattva Das This was a cute looking car. But this car ia now not available in india.
2013-03-05 05:20:59
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Daewoo matiz

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