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Gmc syclone relates to the amazing brand Gmc.
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The GMC Syclone is an updated version of the Sonoma pickup truck with higher performance and reliability. It was presented and produced in 1991 for only a year with only 2,990 vehicles being made. This was the quickest pickup that ever existed in the entire auto industry’s history. The GMC Syclone had the acceleration of sports car thanks to a six-cylinder turbocharged engine and the all wheel drive option. The other specifications of this truck resembled a Porsche sport car. GMC Syclone The 4.3 liter LB4 turbo V6 was the basic version but the GMC Syclone as well as its brother Typhoon featured a TD06-17C turbocharged Mitsubishi engine with a water/air intercooler, intake manifolds, head gaskets, unique pistons and fuel system attached. No wonder this pickup truck was the fastest one in the world, it was able to accelerate to 150 km/hour in 14.1 seconds. The four-speed automatic 4L60 transmission was the only option available. The only color option for the GMC Syclone was black. Some additional colors were expected to appear with the 1992 generation but the production of these trucks was cancelled. Some special editions were made during the following years and were produced by the third-parties. The Marlboro Syclone was made as a special prize for the The Marlboro Racing ‘92 Contest winners. There were only ten trucks made with the help of Larry Shinoda who played a great part in these trucks’s design. The feature package of the GMC Syclone Marlboro edition included a red painted body with white strobe stripes, the “Cobra” wheels with a Marlboro emblem, the Recaro leather seats, the “Evolution” steering wheel, the slide-down rear window assembly and the amazing Sony sound system. GMC Syclone The second GMC Syclone special edition was called Indy and was manufactured specifically for the Indianapolis 500 race that took place in 1992. The general modifications were not that great as in the Marlboro trucks and resulted in different sticker packages. Other modified versions of the GMC Syclone performed by car collectors can be found today.

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gmc syclone

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