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Daihatsu charade

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Daihatsu charade found on brand Daihatsu - Charade
Daihatsu charade relates to the amazing brand Daihatsu.
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The car «Daihatsu Charade» has a forward drive and was made since 1997 for 2000. The first generation «Charade G10» has been created in 1977. Thus the manufacturer let out both 5, and 3 door body. «Charade G10» the first set had round headlights, and older versions of this mark of the car – square headlights with 3 cylinder engine, volume 0,993 liters and capacity of 50 horsepower’s. This model used wide popularity in the countries of Latin America in 80 years. Manufacture of the car proceeded till 1983. Daihatsu Charade Manufacture of the car of the second generation «Charade G11» has been begun in 183 year. The manufacturer established in the car engines of mark «R3», volume 1 liter, as well as engines capacity of 68 horsepower’s and diesel units. The given engines included 5 step box of an adventure of transfers. The car «Charade G11» also was issued in 2 sets: with square headlights and with headlights of the round form. In the Europe the platform of this car, as well as the engine and transmission were used for creation of models «Innocenti». In 1996 designers have decided to change some elements of the car: a bar of a radiator and a headlight which became similar to details of the ex-terrier of the car «Toyota Starlet». In 2000 release of car «Charade» has been stopped, and manufacture «Sirion/Storia» (« Toyota Duet ») has begun. Base models have been presented by 1 and 3 cylinder engines with a collector which settled down in front. Such design of the car well has recommended itself from the first generation of car «Charade». This engine with the block of cylinders is executed from an aluminum alloy. Developers «Daihatsu» named such constructional the decision ideal, for the given model of the car. Daihatsu Charade Transmission which is established on the car – independent, steering management with the hydraulic amplifier. Forward brakes – disk, and back – drum-type. The standard size of trunks which are established on the car – 145 R13. The system of a security is presented: system «ABS» and system of emergency braking «Brake Assist». On the car the reasonably strong engine, with 5 step box of switching of transfers that provides reliable operational characteristics of the car is established.

daihatsu charade daihatsu charade daihatsu charade daihatsu charade
daihatsu charade daihatsu charade daihatsu charade daihatsu charade
daihatsu charade

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lee this looks like an imitation of a honda car hatchback front end looks like a corolla old model
2012-11-09 04:59:14
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Daihatsu charade

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