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Audi quattro found on brand Audi - Quattro
Audi quattro relates to the amazing brand Audi.
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In March, 1980 on the Geneva motor show the debut of all-wheel drive Audi Quattro the sporty coupe which was fated to be turned world automotive industry took place took place. For the first automobile time was offered with the drive concept before using only in trucks and SUVs. The idea of such car arose in the winter 1976/77 during tests arrived on the developed VW Iltis SUV army. Magnificent the behavior of this car at movement on ice and snow led to thought to introduce full VW Iltis a disk in serial Audi 80, and the engine with a turbo-supercharging and intermediate cooling of borrowed Audis 200 a sedan. Audi Quattro about 2,2 l (2226 cm3) were improved. After modified 20-klapanovy DOHC developing with a force of 223 h.p. (164 kV) started being used by the engine of 2,2 l (2226 cm3). The various Audi Quattro models, I was additional designations are connected with codes of engines and distinctive early and late versions. The first models had 2144 cm3 10-klapanovy the engine which WR was called, 2226 cm3, 10-klapanovy the engine was called as Mb. Thus, the Quattro models began to designate WR Quattro, MB Quattro and RR or "20 V" Quattro respectively. Everything without an exception of Audi Quattro is completed only 5-step ​​ with mechanical KP. The maximum speed consecutive the copy reached 250 km/h. Transfer initially there were three free differentials with compulsory blocking interaxal and back differentials. Till May, 1981 of the drive of blocking I was purely mechanical after that some time the scheme with pneumatic drives which after August, 1984 I underwent some changes were used and I took place already until the end of Quattro I let out. Since August 1987 instead of free interaxal differential of Torsen differential it was created, and in back differential of manual blocking which was disconnected at a speed more than 25 km/h remained. Audi Quattro For the 11-year period of release appearance of model didn't undergo special changes. In 1983 started using the combined headlights with double reflectors, and in the control panel the car replacement of analog measuring devices on the LCD display it was made. In 1985 Quattro model again changes: the new inclined forward lattice is created. In 1984 started in production Quattro Sport with the base truncated on 320 mm. Wider in comparison with Quattro wings and wheels, and also less flat windshield (at requests of racers of the ralliyny Audi Sport team for visibility improvement). Under a cowl engine 2.1 L (2133 cm3) 20v 355 h.p. DOHC (257 kV).

audi quattro audi quattro audi quattro audi quattro
audi quattro audi quattro audi quattro audi quattro
audi quattro

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Audi quattro

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