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Audi quattro s6

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Audi quattro s6 relates to the amazing brand Audi.
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Audi Quattro is a rally and road car produced since 1980. The name of the car refers to the four-wheel drive; the “quattro” means four in Italian. This was the first ever racing car to be equipped with four-wheel drive system, something that was not possible in the previous races due to its rules. Audi Quattro The only available body style was the two-door coupe and all the models were based on the Volkswagen B2 platform. During the years of Audi Quattro’s production the engine options included the 2.1 liter SOHC 10v I5, the 2.2 liter SOHC 10v I5 and the 2.2 liter DOHC 20v I5. When it first appeared on the European market in 1980, Audi Quattro was the first ever car to have a four-wheel drive and turbocharged engine installed in one vehicle. The first engine version, the 2.1 liter SOHC 10v I5 one allowed the car to accelerate up to 100 km/hour in 7.1 seconds with a maximum speed of 220 km/hour and produced 147 kW of power. The first engine version lasted until the 1987 when it was replaced by a modified version. The power increased to 162 kW as well as the maximum speed – 230 km/hour. Over almost 11 years of production that started in 1980 and lasted until 1991 11,452 vehicles were made. With all this time the Audi Quattro’s design didn’t get any major changes. The American version of the car became available only in 1993. The sales continued through the 1996 and during these years only 664 copies were sold in the North American market. Audi Quattro But the biggest success awaited Audi Quattro in the Motorsport. It won the Swedish and the Portugal Rally at the WRC 1983 season and the South African National Rally Championships from 1984 until 1988. And the most recent version of the Audi Quattro was presented in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show. With the 30th anniversary of the original model, the Audi designers presented a concept car of the first ever Quattro. It is equipped with a 2.5 liter TFSI engine modified from the Audi RS5 series and has the latest generation of quattro’s transmission. And the good news is that Audi are willing to produce a limited series of these cars.

audi quattro s6 audi quattro s6 audi quattro s6 audi quattro s6
audi quattro s6 audi quattro s6 audi quattro s6 audi quattro s6
audi quattro s6 audi quattro s6

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