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Fiat 125p relates to the amazing brand Fiat.
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The Fiat 125 P also known as the Polski Fiat is a family vehicle manufactured in Poland from 1967 until 1991 by a state-owned FSO manufacturer. This car was a product of a license agreement with Fiat and presented a slightly simplified version of the original 125 model. To make it easier for people to distinguish these two models both FSO and Fiat management agreed on a “Polski” prefix in the name for the Polish version of the car. After the license ended Polish manufacturer continued the production of these cars under the name FSO 125p. Fiat 125 P The Fiat 125 P was initially available in two body stiles: a five-door station wagon and a four-door sedan. The two-door pick up version was added later. The car versions also differed by the engine equipment: the 1300 engine with a 60 hp capacity that lasted until the 1980 years of production and the 1500 model with 75 hp capacity introduced in 1969. The only transmission option available was the four-speed manual until the five-speed manual option appeared in 1988. Polish 125 P model was different from its Italian relatives. The most noticeable difference in the design was the headlights; Fiat 125 had just two squared headlights opposite to the Polski four rounded ones. Another difference lay under the hood. The Polish fuel tank was safer and more durable than its Italian brother. There were also some additional 125 P versions, the well known cabriolet with three seat rows that was used by the tourist bureaus and two special racing versions of the usual sedans equipped with Italian PF 125p Akropolis and PF 125p Monte Carlo engines. Fiat 125 P During the whole period of production the model line was redesigned just once. It happened in 1973 when some of the front grilles made in chrome were replaced by plastic ones and some new rear lamps were installed. As for the interior changes, both engine packages were upgraded with 3.7 kW of engine power. The production of these cars ended in 1991 when newer and more reliable competitors appeared. The FSO factory tried to meet the market requirements with their new FSO Polonez model but it didn’t last long.

fiat 125p fiat 125p fiat 125p fiat 125p
fiat 125p fiat 125p fiat 125p fiat 125p
fiat 125p

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