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Fiat 126p

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Fiat 126p found on brand Fiat - 126
Fiat 126p relates to the amazing brand Fiat.
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Car Fiat 126p was introduced in 1972. The car is a precursor of the car Fiat 500. The model is identical to the Fiat 126 p car Fiat 126. Fiat 126 p was different: a higher chassis, a modified grille on the front and rear blinkers. The car has two doors, two-cylinder engine in volume of 0.652 liter capacity of 24 hp. In 1987 the car was produced with an engine capacity to 0.704 liters. After 7 years, Fiat 126r installed catalyst. In 2000, Fiat 126p laid off. The car is equipped with a manual transmission and rear wheel drive. Fiat 126p In 1984, the car received a change in the interior and exterior: added a new plastic bumper and a new instrument panel plastic. Design of the car is very original. The engine is located in the rear of the car, the trunk in the front. Lights in the form of a rectangle with rounded edges. The car is missing the grille. On the left side is the fuel filler. On the front wings have additional direction indicators. On the roof of a car door. Interior of the vehicle has: two spoke steering wheel, speedometer and tachometer are light green backlight. Beam headlight switches, heating and ventilation systems are located on the edges of the instrument panel. Rotary signs were placed at the wheel. There was no seat lateral support. At the door armrests are available for convenience. Rear passengers are not comfortable in the cabin, as the two-door car. The car was missing glove box. On the contour of the vehicle is the band, and the lower part of the doors has plastic moldings. Fiat 126p Main technical characteristics: length - 3105 mm, width - 1375 mm, height -1345 mm. Trunk volume of 110 liters. Vehicle weight 580 kg. Maximum power from 4700 17.3818 sq (23.3 ls). Fuel tank capacity 20 liters. Acceleration to 100 km / s for 40 seconds. Fuel city driving: 5.8 liters per 100 km, fuel consumption on the highway: 4.4 liters per 100 km, fuel mixed view of the road: 4.9 liters per 100 km. This car has been very popular in Europe. At the moment, the production car has long been suspended.

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fiat 126p

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