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Bmw 320i

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Bmw 320i relates to the amazing brand Bmw.
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BMW 320i is the favorite among sedans of the third generation. The debut of this car took place in 1977. Popularity impresses - BMW 320i from first year of release and up to now is the worthy competitor on a car market. The first impression of BMW 320i is appearance. That is evident at once, is dimensions – the car is spacious – length - 4520 mm, in width - 1817, and in height - 1421. At the sight of such car captures spirit. Together with it the man's force and power which was able is felt, combined with the elegance applied in finishing of the car. Saloon cars equipped with velor seats.The chair of the driver can be regulated, changing pillow length. This function represents additional comfort for the driver. BMW 320i The car has sports character. In sports style the dashboard, a suspension bracket is executed, and all components of management are conveniently located car, allowing supervising a situation immediately. As for the engine, bmw 320i is equipped, the 2 liters four-cylinder engine. Its capacity makes 150 horsepowers. Engine 2.0L L4 DOHC 16-valve turbo. Brakes: 4th rim. Body: E 90. Technical characteristics, in combination with wonderful controllable, do this car by the worthy competitor. The car manageable on the slippery road, even on not to studded rubber. BMW 320i The main advantages is the six-step automatic box of gear shifting. Depending on the circumstances, you can choose the driving style: simple «D» or more active «DS», as well as a system of automatic traction control «DTS». At the expense of it is much easier to overcome snow-covered sites of the road and gravel. The longitudinal arrangement of the engine, the back drive, on axes (50x50) provides reliable stability and maneuverability on any site of a paving. In salon of the car the conditioner – with automatic climate control is installed. This car is a brilliant for the driver. This car is a godsend for the driver. Lover of travel will be pleasantly surprised by selecting the model of car.

bmw 320i bmw 320i bmw 320i bmw 320i
bmw 320i bmw 320i bmw 320i bmw 320i
bmw 320i

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Bmw 320i

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