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Fiat nuova relates to the amazing brand Fiat.
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The best known compact car of the Italian company (FIAT) was FIAT Nuova-500, which was released in 1957. The car was created by Dante Giacosa. Its name Fiat Nuova 500 of 1957 has got due to the weight of 500 kg and an equal volume of the engine. FIAT Nuova-500 It was a cheap and practical city car for 2 persons. Only 3 meters long, it was considered to be one of the first city cars of its times. The technical level of such kind of microcars was quite high. The machine with a 13-horsepower engine could accelerate to 85 km / h! FIAT Nuova-500 was produced during about 15 years, the company has produced more than 3 million cars. FIAT Nuova-500 had the 2-cylinder air-cooled engine, displacement of 0,479 n3. It was also equipped by a 4-speed manual transmission, the front independent suspension with the transverse springs and hydraulic shock absorbers, drum brakes on all four wheels. FIAT Nuova-500 was constructed with two seating places, two doors. For the first time in its class was the usage of air cooling of the engine. It could carry 70 kg of luggage. The maximum speed of the car was about 85 km / h. And the fuel consumption was 4.5 litres /100 km. FIAT Nuova-500 The empty FIAT Nuova-500 weighed 470 kg, and fully weighed – up to 680 kg. One of the particularities of this car was its roof construction. Another characteristic feature were light painted metal wheels. The Nuova is one of 3 models which were possessing so called "suicide doors". FIAT Nuova-500 modernized for several times. In 1957 was also created a stylish Sport version of the FIAT Nuova, which got a particular red stripe and a powerful engine. The engine power increased up to 15 hp, and the speed was about 90 km/h. The interior was redesigned, too. In 1958 was a premiere of the Fiat 500 Sport with 0.5 liter 2-cylinder air-cooled engine with capacity of 21.5 hp. He got the body painted into 2 colors and a top speed of 105 km/h. In 1960 the Fiat Nuova 500 was out of production.

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fiat nuova

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