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Subaru brat relates to the amazing brand Subaru.
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Subaru Brat was produced in Japan from 1978 to 1993, but it was never sold in the local market. The vehicles were exported in the U.S., Australia and Europe. Passenger pickup Subaru BRAT was first created special for North American market. Production of the First models of Brat began in August 1977. It took its name from abbreviation of Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter. It was deigned as the car for the rest for whole family. One of the most famous owners of the vehicle was former U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Red colored version of BRAT preserved in the former residence in California. Ex U.S. President Ronald Reagan owned his Subaru BRAT for as long as 20 years. All this time, vehicle served him faithfully and reliably to his huge ranch in California. The Reagan’s family sold the ranch to an American foundation in 1998. All of the cars were given away to their friends. Subaru Brat Later in 2004, presidential Subaru appeared at the eBay auction, where it was bought back in 2005 by the same foundation which became the owner of the ranch -Young America’s Foundation. Foundation curator Marilyn Fischer announced that they decided to re-create on the ranch as a genuine atmosphere that predominateed at the ranch in the 1980s. Subaru Brat was build at the platform of Subaru Leone 4WD. In comparison with its predecessor, Subaru Brat had a cabin, designed only for two people, and at the rear side was a large open cargo compartment. The model has become very popular in many countries, especially in North America, where its excellent characteristics in terms of fuel economy and the ability to "go anywhere", due to the full wheel drive - 4WD, completely meet the needs of young people, as well as older generation who loves to spend their spare time in nature. Subaru Brat Remarkable thing that it was the time when pickups were supplied with seats in the cargo compartment, because of the import duty on passenger cars in the U.S. was much smaller than for cargo vehicles. Subaru Brat was equipped with 1,6-liter opposed engine, four-wheel drive and got fold-back seats in the cargo compartment that allowed it to transport people in it. After upgrading the 1981 Subaru BRAT received updated exterior, interior and new version of engine – 1,8-liters capacity. In addition basic packaging arrangement had four-step manual gearbox, three-step "automatic" transmission was an option. Besides, in 1983-1984 was presented also a turbo version of the engine.

subaru brat subaru brat subaru brat subaru brat
subaru brat subaru brat subaru brat subaru brat
subaru brat

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Very nyce car bt is it easy to get some spares for it
2013-06-09 06:44:45

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