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Chrysler sebring

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Chrysler sebring found on brand Chrysler - Sebring
Chrysler sebring relates to the amazing brand Chrysler.
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Sebring appeared in Chrysler lineup in 1995. The car was named after an American relic - the race track Sebring in Florida. A person of any height and build can be conveniently located at the wheel of of this model and what is the most important, it does not affect the comfort of the passengers at the rear. The driver's seat is electrically driven in all the settings except for a lumbar support. The adjustment range is very large. There are vertical ridges of lateral support on the seats. The instrument cluster is informative, but not overloaded; it has only necessary dials and warning lights. The interior of the Chrysler Sebring imitates the style of "Europeans". Lever and handle "handbrake" are on the center console. Ventilation control unit with three "stranglehold" cranks is placed above the center console. Beneath it we can find a radio with CD-player, and a little bit lower there is a CD-changer for four discs. The instrument panel consists of three wells. Display of the board computer, which shows information about the fuel, mileage and pressure in the tires, is located in the center. A broad "sofa" was changed for seats with numerous electro settings. Dark interior looks really respectable. Chrysler Sebring In the Western European market these cars are offered with a cost-petrol and turbo diesel engines of 2.0 l and capacity 156 and 140 liters, and only with a manual transmission. However, there are more powerful versions, presented, for example, in the Russian market, which are established with the North American engines: a 2.4-liter "four" (170 hp) and 2.7-liter V6 (188 hp.) completed only with hydromechanical "automatic" and "manual" gear selection. With the 2.4 liter engine acceleration to 100 km / h takes 11.3 seconds. The maximum speed is 200 km / h. With such indicators Sebring is more suitable for traveling on motorways. It's a shame, because the elastic suspension readily admits active driving. Chrysler Sebring A new, although very controversial, design, balanced suspension, a spacious lounge, a capacious trunk are the best sides of the American debutant.

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chrysler sebring

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michael dable
About photo #2
Very good car but has problems with the drivers door not opening in winter. This problem appears to go back to the early model of this car and still happens in my 2008. This does not say a lot for Chrysler!
2012-12-31 16:05:55
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Chrysler sebring

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