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Fiat croma found on brand Fiat - Croma
Fiat croma relates to the amazing brand Fiat.
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Fiat Croma is the 5-door all-round craftsman of class of «D». A premiere took place on an auto show in Geneva in 2005. Fiat Croma is span-new all-round craftsman. His impressiveness is especially underlined by showy headlights and large chrome-plated grate of radiator. Fiat Croma created exactly for those, who dreams to drive the blameless and truly refined Italian car. The salon of Fiat Croma can be finished by fabric, velour’s or skin – depends on acquisition. The car is equipped by a petrol engine by volume of a 2.2 L., by power 147 horsepower’s. All acquisitions of model of Croma are completed an exceptionally five step hydro. Fiat Croma The car is projected on the shortened base of platform of Opel Signum, it mid-size all-round craftsman with a wheel-base (2700 mm against a 2830 mm at Signum), shortened rear overhang, front pendant of McPherson and back multilevel pendant. Length of car makes a 4,75 m, width is a 1,77 m, height a 1,6 m. The design of born-again Croma belongs to the feather of the known atelier of Giugiaro that was always associated with words quality and blameless style. Designers succeeded to find very thin verge between simplicity and elegance. From all foreshortening the car looks harmoniously are smooth lines, simple and laconic contours, and beautiful lightning technology. An impressive full laugh possesses good aerodynamic properties. Showy headlights located under a corner, large chrome-plated grate of radiator, back bar mowed downward, create the unique dynamic and expressive look of this model. Croma is personification of boundless love of Italians to beauty and comfort. Back seats were slightly raised in relation to front that allowed adding more space foot. Plus to everything seats transformed, they consist of two parts that can be not only laid down but also move independent of each other forward-back. Fiat Croma Besides space in a luggage rack, that is given initially, possible to get much more useful place, if to lay down the seats of back row. In a luggage compartment the great number of comfortable adaptations is envisaged for fastening of different objects. For greater comfort a luggage compartment is divided by separate modules. As well as all new Fiat Croma distinguishes very rich equipment even in base acquisition, including seven pillows of safety, ABS, ESP. Internal equipment at deserving level. In acquisitions it is possible to find out such copies of progress of contemporaneity as conditioner, spherical lateral mirrors, xenon headlights of head light, cruise-control, nine pillows of safety, musical system with 8th loud speakers and subwoofer, and also other great deal.

fiat croma fiat croma fiat croma fiat croma
fiat croma fiat croma fiat croma fiat croma
fiat croma

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Fiat croma

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