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Austin sheerline relates to the amazing brand Austin.
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Engine: 6 cylinders, displacement 3993 cm3 Power: 125 HP Acceleration 0-96 km/h: 19.4 seconds Max. speed: 134 km/h Manufactured by: 8700 Year: 1947-1954 "Austin" was founded by Herbert Austin in 1906. He acquired an old printing shop with a partner in Longbridže, South of Birmingham, and opened their own business. The first car 25 30NR was submitted in April 1906, and after a few years the company has been able to offer customers a whole range of their cars with engines up to 2000 GLS up to 40 PS 10. In 1922 was born one of the most famous models of the company — Austin Seven. Austin Sheerline This was a time when Austin was a prestigious name. They have made the launch of a series of improved models. The first of these cars was the A110 Sheerline. No one will deny that it looks impressive, but a little bit stronger because of the large size. The base served as the chassis box section with a wide cross section. Bodywork was designed by Dick Burzi, and his sharp style was quite in the spirit of the time and looks like a Bentley (for example his Triumph, but not so successful). The power of this huge car attached six-cylinder engine with overhead valves, which formerly stood on the prewar trucks. Originally it was a 3.2 liter capacity and power 110 HP, which gave the name of the first version of the Sheerline and 110. But during the first year of production volume has increased to 4 l, and power up to 125 HP. And this model became known as the "125". Austin Sheerline In parallel with the Austin Sheerline launched production of the Princess, who has a wider body from aluminum, made by Vanden Plas (new acquisition of Austin). The Princess was designed "120" then "A135", both names by engine power. Sheerline and his snazzy car-mate Princess really resemble Bentley models of that period. Therefore they often chose officials, such as city mayors, who aspired to a higher class cars.

austin sheerline austin sheerline austin sheerline austin sheerline
austin sheerline austin sheerline austin sheerline austin sheerline
austin sheerline

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Austin sheerline

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