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Kia soul found on brand KIA - Soul
Kia soul relates to the amazing brand Kia.
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Remember drives any of your friends on the Kia Soul? Certainly, there are a few people. Why is this car so liked by people? Now we learn. Soul offers interesting set - good looks, functionality, technology and efficiency, but she does it for those who likes cars with good ground clearance and comfortable seats. And if you include all of this in an inexpensive package that available at a price to many people, you just get a successful secret sales. So, go over the technical elements. The model engine volume of 2.0 liters, the power of 164 hp, 6-speed automatic transmission, front-wheel drive powertrain, the total weight of 1260 kg, a five-seat cabin, the total capacity to 1.5 tons of cargo. Fuel consumption per 100 km in 9.05 liter and 6.92 liters on the highway. Approximate price from the manufacturer at the time of the test drive is $ 23,575. And now we shall describe this model of car in detail. The new 2-liter 4-cylinder engine was the long-awaited "massage" while updating the lineup in 2012and as a result power was increased from 142 to 164 horsepower. This means that the engine power has grown, but without great sacrifice to save fuel. Despite the fact that this car has front-wheel drive, fuel economy is now equal to 9.05 liters per 100 km in the city and 6.92 when driving on the highway. The previous 1.6-liter engine was weaker at 26 hp, but it could offer only one liter more. The new six-speed automatic transmissionthe car Kia offers a smooth switching of speeds, even skipping a couple of speeds on the highway. Transmission is up to the limit, and then change prongs, but if you continue to insist that it will be punished humming engine. Eighteen-inch wheels look clear and well-driven fun and stylish Soul, but with tires P235/45R18 Nexen they can not go so perfectly on uneven surfaces. Vertical windshield and a large salon perfectly improve visibility, but small drawback is the noise from the wind. Fortunately, an improved stereo system Infinity easily will grant you high-quality sound of your favorite songs. This is a great car that can afford every third person. It must be said, attractive price plays in successful sales model role. But overall, the car is quite practical, functional, and even attractive.

kia soul kia soul kia soul kia soul
kia soul kia soul kia soul kia soul
kia soul

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