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Mitsubishi l 300

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Mitsubishi l 300 relates to the amazing brand Mitsubishi.
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«Mitsubishi l-300» the compact car which is developed and designed by the Japanese company «Mitsubishi Motors» represents. The first generation of the car «Mitsubishi l-300» for the first time has been presented to general public per 1968. Thus the new car is available to buyers in various configurations. The car has been developed on the basis of a pickup, and is known to many buyers as «Delica». The name of the car occurs from «Delivery car», that the car for delivery means. Thus the car was known under different names – «Mitsubishi l-300», and later – «l400» in the Europe and New Zealand, «Express» and «Starwagon» in Australia, as well as «Mitsubishi Van» and «Wagon» in the USA. The passenger version of the car was issued since 1979 for 1994, and became known as «Delica Space Gear». Last generation of the car represents model «Delica D:5». mitsubishi l-300 Design of the new car «Mitsubishi l-300» original enough. At first sight, the car represents a usual minibus, but differs high landing, greater trunks and high parameters of movement on different type of a road covering. The design of the car is very similar on the car «Mitsubishi Pajero». The basic capacity of the engine is passed to back wheels, and forward wheels are connected is forced. Unlike the majority of similar cars, on the given car special mechanical details in forward wheels are established. Owing to realization of the given constructive decision, the car can easily cope with the most various type of a road covering. Thus 4 wheels are used all. Also designers have established original optical system in a forward part of the car. Headlights have the square form, and were established till 1990. mitsubishi l-300 In salon of the car it is possible to get through lateral doors. The back door opens access to a luggage space. Thus the volume of a luggage space – various also depends on, whether seats of passengers are established. In salon six passengers can comfortably settle down. The complete set of the car is presented: the diesel engine in volume of 2,5 liters on which the mechanical box of switching of transfers, electric lifts of glass, the central lock with the signal system, the conditioner and two ovens is established.

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mitsubishi l 300

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