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Lotus exige

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Lotus exige found on brand Lotus - Exige
Lotus exige relates to the amazing brand Lotus.
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Thus, company «Lotus» continues to work in style of old times. On the one hand it limits a possibility of progress of the company, and on the other hand – does the company of most unusual of all possible manufacturers of cars which specialize on manufacture of sports cars. The design the chassis of car «Lotus» is developed as for adequate, a racing car. Lotus Exige When the person gets the car of mark «Lotus», to it’s suggest to establish on the car the block of automatic payment of gathering on paid roads. Such constructional decision has affected that at doors the additional angle in 30 degrees was formed. In other words, the external part of the car has appeared removed from the driver on the big distance. The driver, who sits on the seat, borrows very low position that cannot be met in cars of other manufacturers. Such innovative and creative idea of developers of cars «Lotus» on the one hand creates inconvenience for the car driver, and on the other hand – gives it the certain advantages. Lotus Exige For example, on a high-speed line « Fuji Speedway » the driver sits in the car so low, that to it new cars in an all-new foreshortening open. Key elements of cars of company «Lotus» is an engine from company «Toyota» and small weight. On model of the car «Lotus Exige» four-cylinder engines « Toyota 2ZZ-GE », with volume 1,8 liters are established. Also special mechanism «DOCH» is established.

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lotus exige

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Lotus exige

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