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Hyundai veloster

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Hyundai veloster found on brand Hyundai - Veloster
Hyundai veloster relates to the amazing brand Hyundai.
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Hyundai Veloster is the inimitable hybrid of hatchback and sport-compartment. To appearance of serial version, as usual, concept shown in 2007 on an auto show in Seoul was preceded. However the favorable reaction of critics and main public is potential customers inspired a company to present on a motor-car exhibition in Detroit the serial model of Veloster. The car is built on the platform of Hyundai i30, what defined his compact sizes. A wheel-base makes a 2,64 m, length is equal a 4,2 m, and width are a 1,7 m. At the front car the hexagonal grate of radiator, legally being considered the visiting-card of Hyundai, massive air scoops and original Hyundai Veloster LED headlights, is situated. As options the chrome-plated framing of grate of radiator, fog lamps and large panoramic glass roof is accessible. The cars got the massive wheeled arches, swivel-eyed and prorate back and front headlights. It is needed also to mark the touch-line of foreign car with the roof cut away as though in a back-end and blackened front bars. Veloster have me and another feature that you hardly will meet anywhere yet. It is the original system of doors. Notably that the handle of passenger postern camouflaged. Already in standard acquisition of Hyundai Veloster the acoustic system is offered with six loud speakers 196 W, and for an additional pay the system is accessible with eight loud speakers by power 450 W. In addition, in the list of equipment meant: wall outlet, Bluetooth, USB and RCA entrances, internet-radio of Pandora and brand name communication of Blue Link network. Hyundai Veloster The system Blue Link, recently announced by a company Hyundai, possesses a very wide functional. Foremost, twenty-four-hour connection is accessible with a call- center. Call in that acts automatically after the wearing-out of pillows of safety (and them in the car 6) or after pressure of the special button SOS. As a base motor Hyundai Veloster offers a 1,6-with a capacity of one the L. petrol power aggregate with the system of direct injection, developing 138 hp. An engine aggregated with 6-step «mechanics». The first is for a separate pay accessible in history of the Korean company 6-step «robot» Dual Clutch with two coupling. For proof of reliability of power aggregate of Hyundai makes warranty on him - 10. The indisputable plus of Veloster is a moderate expense of fuel. Due to the system of direct injection of fuel and track system after gas distribution of D - CVVT, the expense of fuel on a highway is analogical to the expense of Prius - 5,6 L. on a 100 km. Also known, that for Europe it will be offered 2,0 with a capacity of one the L. turbo diesel power of 208 hp. In optional, 18-inch alloy disks are offered with the insertions painted in the color of basket.

hyundai veloster hyundai veloster hyundai veloster hyundai veloster
hyundai veloster hyundai veloster hyundai veloster hyundai veloster
hyundai veloster

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