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Fiat punto found on brand Fiat - Punto
Fiat punto relates to the amazing brand Fiat.
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I had doubts concerning fiat car purchase. About the Italian cars not only speak in a good context — design, beauty, but also many complain of unreliability of the car and its quality of assembly. But I bought Fiat Punto in February, 2008. So there were circumstances. Engine 1,2 litres, 80 hp, transmission like variator, there is a possibility of a manual mode of switching of speeds (6 speeds of the car), anti-lock braking system. In the package of the car were included forward window regulators, the cassette tape recorder and 6 pillows. Run of the car made at that time 44000 km according to odometer indications. I doubted these numbers, didn't come around yet on car maintenance. There I was told that run of the car. There I was told that odometer indications the correct. I replaced oil in the engine and a variator, spark plugs, filters in the motor, timing belt. So do many after purchase of the used car.The cost of works made $300. My wife studied in driving school as Ford, 98th and it liked Fiat, I went at this time on office Ford Focus.
Fiat Punto The salon of the car was blue, finishing of its doors from fabric that plasticity on cars a class is better above. It is very cozy car, and in space it seems more, than outside. It is a lot of different compartments for things, high quality of assembly. If to press a gas pedal, speed is gathered quickly, work of a variator isn't noticeable, time of switching of speed is noticeable only by a tachometer. Tenacity of brakes the good, they are easy in management. I very much like reaction to pressing to a gas pedal to speed of car of 100-120 km/h. It was difficult to be expected from the engine only 1,242 liters. The variator quickly switches speed to 2-3 steps down and it is possible to make overtakings without problems. I write very in detail about this car because itself I go now by it, I have no official car any more. I went by Fiat to Seattle - 700 km there and back. The car well holds the road at a speed of 120-140 km/h, at a steering wheel I was not tired. On the way back in the car 3 adults sat and 150-170 kg of freight lay in a luggage carrier, but I only once touched with the car muffler the road in the village.

Now I want to tell about the sad.

In the summer of 2008 the car muffler came off and I went week without it. The sound was like downspout, that is it was quite silent. Repair of the car muffler cost $35. Since the beginning of operation of the car there were problems with a screen wiper in a faltering mode - it published a crash during the work. In the book I read that Fiat has problems to a trapeze of screen wipers and the car muffler - at me left really so. In the book I read that Fiat has problems to a trapeze of screen wipers and the car muffler - at me left really so.

Recently at night temperature was-25 degrees and I couldn't start this car, because the accumulator broke. I didn't begin to buy the new accumulator, warmed old houses while works normally. In the winter several times I couldn't open a gasoline tank - its lock froze.

For 1 year of operation I spent on Fiat Punto $500, plus expenses on gasoline, which make 8-9 liters on 100 km.

fiat punto fiat punto fiat punto fiat punto
fiat punto fiat punto fiat punto fiat punto

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Fiat punto

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