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Porsche targa relates to the amazing brand Porsche.
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The history of the Porsche 911 began in 1963, when it was shown worldwide on the Motor Show in Frankfurt. Nobody could even imagine that the model would stand on assembly line for more than 50 years and would turn into the real legend of all times and nations. For the first time the name of the car was Porsche 901. But due to the scandal with Peugeot Company that raise a claim of having 0 in the middle of the model name. Because of it, the world received an opinionated RWD and rearengined 911 model that changed the earlier 356 model. Porsche 911 In 1965 it was presented the unusual variant of cabriolet during the Motor Show in Frankfurt. The name of it was 911 Targa in honor of famous Italian race Targa Florio, on which Porsche shined at that time. By the way, one of the meanings of this Italian word is "shield ", so in the beginning Porsche claimed 911 Targa to be the first safe cabriolet. Behind the seats of the open Porsche 911 was located the wide and frankly speaking not very elegant safeguard bow. Right at the top of the riders’ heads was the detachable plastic panel and rear seating were covered with soft tent with plastic window in it. The rear window made of the synthetic fiber was united with the safeguard bow with the help of zip-fastener. This construction was reworked in 1969 and the top was made plastics and glass. Because of this fact, the cabriolet had lost its soul, but the salon became more protected from dampness and wind. In 1966 appeared the new 911S (Super) with 160 horsepower engine, which could provide the maximum speed of 225 km / h. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h took 8 sec. It was made due to more sportive axis, bigger valves, modernized cylinder heads, more higher compression and new carburetor, additional stabilizer of rear axes and 5- spoke disks. Porsche 911 The 2013-year generation of the Porsche 911 Targa will be show in the middle of 2013. Supposedly, the new modification will be equipped with 3.4 L engine with the capacity of 345 hp (390 Nm) or 3.8 L engine with the capacity of 395 hp (440 Nm). Both engines should be aggregated with 7-speed manual or 7-speed automatic transmission.

porsche targa porsche targa porsche targa porsche targa
porsche targa porsche targa porsche targa porsche targa
porsche targa

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