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Rolls royce phantom i

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Rolls royce phantom i relates to the amazing brand Rolls royce.
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«Rolls-royce phantom i» for the first time has been presented to general public per 1925. On given the car has been established more powerful power unit, than on model «Silver Ghost». Assembly of the car «Rolls-royce phantom i» was made in the several countries, such as the Great Britain (Derby), as well as the USA in state of Massachusetts. It is necessary to note, that there were some distinctions in specifications between English and American «Phantoms». The car «Rolls-royce phantom i» has been replaced by new model « Phantom II » in 1929, but soon it have renamed on «Phantom I». rolls-royce phantom i. Dimensions of a vehicle significantly differed in the various countries of manufacturers. The wheel base of the car makes – 3644, 9 mm; the version of the car which was made in the USA – 3721,1 mm, and in the Great Britain – 3822,7 mm. On model of the car «Rolls-royce phantom i» which has been let out in 1925, the power unit, has been established by capacity of 40 and 50 horsepower’s. As a result of it to distinguish the car from its predecessor « Silver Ghost », manufacturers have renamed new model «New Phantom». The main difference of the new version from the predecessor «Silver Ghost», became installation new six cylinder power units – «OHV». The engine will consist of those groups, in each of which are two cylinders, with demountable heads. The total amount of the engine makes 7,7 liters. In 1928 of a head of the cylinder have replaced from pig-iron on aluminum, that has as a result led occurrence of a problem of corrosion. Separate elements of a box of switching of transfers are connected by means of a special rubber fabric which represents a flexible detail high parameters of coupling, thus, are reached. rolls-royce phantom i «Rolls-royce phantom i» the same chassis which is established in model of the car «Silver Ghost» uses, thus, there are sources of stay of forward axis, and console springs stay of back axis. On it as wheel brakes though on some early models which are let out in the USA, forward brakes were not established are established. Company «Rolls-Royce» has developed a unique design of a body, as well as mechanical parts of the car. The owner could choose the form and installation of a body of the car itself. Thus the buyer can order standard model of a body of the car, developed by experts of company «Rolls-royce».

rolls royce phantom i rolls royce phantom i rolls royce phantom i rolls royce phantom i
rolls royce phantom i rolls royce phantom i rolls royce phantom i rolls royce phantom i
rolls royce phantom i

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