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Volkswagen eos relates to the amazing brand Volkswagen.
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Welcome to Volkswagen Eos is the car that deserves attention, sure. Eos is the first compartment-cabriolet in the model row of Volkswagen. The name a car adopted for the goddess of sunset from Greek mythology that walked up the chariot from the ocean depth of sea and brought sunlight to the people. In addition, Eos is the mother of winds and name of star that is visible and in the morning and in the evening. So that, the German producer not only gave the name the raid of romanticism but also saved the succession of the names (most models of this brand carry the names of different winds). The supplied with an on an additional order partition for protecting from wind will release you from the discomfort caused by turbulences of air after a head. Volkswagen Eos Eos is equipped by a lifting-moving glass hatch built-in in a roof. Therefore even at the closed roof you can support a pleasant atmosphere, admitting the required amount of crisp air in a salon. In addition, on Eos Volkswagen first applied the system Easy Entry electrically-actuated: the seats of driver and front passenger memorize the position, move aside and as a result of pushing button return back since passengers will sit down on a back seat or will go out from a car. Eos can brag of quite good luggage rack. If a roof is open, then his volume makes 205 L., and if she is closed, for luggage a compartment is offered by a capacity 380 L. In addition, the car develops a decent enough power, do not say anything. And I think the price is more than justified and meets fully the stated quality. Volkswagen Eos Under the hood of Eos temperamental engine of V6 by the swept volume a 3,2 L. and power of 250 hp. Such power allows to the pointer of speedometer to get to the mark in 100 km/h for 7,3 seconds, thus even in spite of the fact that the equipped mass of car equals 1713 kg. In base acquisition of VW Eos the frontal pillows of safety and lateral special pillows are included for defense of head and breast, active under heads, system of stabilizing of course stability of ESP, climatic setting and electric window raiser, fog lamps, outward illuminating from beneath of salon, leather steering wheel, handle of lever of gear-box and handle of lever of stand brake, and also the brand name one 16-inch wheeled disks from an easy alloy and sporting seats. Finally, we add that VW Eos became the best selling convertible in Germany as a result of June 2006. And this is quite a significant factor, which simply can not be ignored.

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volkswagen eos volkswagen eos volkswagen eos volkswagen eos
volkswagen eos

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