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Chevrolet blazer found on brand Chevrolet - Blazer
Chevrolet blazer relates to the amazing brand Chevrolet.
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The name Blazer first appeared in 1969, when Americans began to do a car Blazer to the series of Ê. Interestingly, that in 80th Chevrolet produced at once two different Blazers. One of them was presented in 1982 and named Blazer S10. This car a pickup of Chevrolet S10 is the basis of. Such car long time was produced only in a 3-door version. It was done in an order to dissociate S10 from more large 5-door Blazer of series of S/K (from the last model the model of Chevrolet Tahoe grew in the middle of 90th). Chevrolet Blazer S10 equipped engines by volume of 2,5, 2,8 and 4,3 L. Chevrolet Blazer Restyling Blazer S10 took place in 1991. 5-door modification appeared, and under a hood began to set a 4,3-with a capacity of one the liter engine(160 hp or 200 hp depending on modification) only. In 1993 the name of off-road vehicle was a bit brief - a car began to be named Blazer S. And in 1994, when the new generation of model was presented, it was decided to clean the letter of «S». So Chevrolet Blazer appeared. This Blazer was produced from 3 - and by a 5-door basket and engine by volume of 4,3 L. by power of 193 hp.

At our market cars meet the both American and Brazilian assembling. Cars oriented to the market of the USA, it is possible to distinguish on more aggressive grate of radiator and powerful 4,3-with a capacity of one the liter engine (193 hp). By the way, this is one of the biggest engines in volume (V6). A not insignificant value has circumstance that a power aggregate possesses an imposing twisting moment in 338 nm., that develop already at 2800 about/min From passport data the acceleration of car 0-100 km/h occupies 10,1 cut, and high speed makes 180 km/h. Original appearance of South American off-road vehicle a bit another, and they were equipped by 2,2-with a capacity of one the liter engines by power of 106 hp or 4,3 with a capacity of one the liter power of 179 hp. In addition, cars with such power aggregate had a back drive, so that it is possible to name off-road vehicle of them with the large stretching. Chevrolet Blazer The design of salon is done in typically American style. An interior does not boast about designer pretentious novelties, but all is done simply and clear. Considerable parts of American Blazer have the leather finishing. Full drive modifications of Chevrolet Blazer not bad behave and on the lack of roads, in fact a model possesses a large hover gap and lowered row of transmissions. In 2001 new off-road vehicle that came on changing of Blazer was presented in the USA. And he called differently - TrailBlazer.

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chevrolet blazer chevrolet blazer chevrolet blazer chevrolet blazer
chevrolet blazer

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Chevrolet blazer

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