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Chevrolet impala relates to the amazing brand Chevrolet.
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A car Chevrolet Impala is a full size car from a company Chevrolet (subdivision of General Motors). At the end of 1950 there is a leading engineer of company Edwards Coal, presented this model, as «prestige car that will be accessible for every habitant of America». First a car appeared on sale in 1958. Chevrolet Impala Originally under such name the cars of Bel Air that possessed the special package of options, were produced. But the self-model Impala was only in 1959. This was the most expensive full size car up to 1965, when a company Chevrolet produced more expensive Chevrolet Caprice. In 1960th Chevrolet Impala competed with such cars, as Ford Galaxie 500 and Plymouth Fury. The model of Chevrolet Impala in 60th became the best seller. In 1965 the amount of the sold cars exceeded million. On that moment a car was produced in two versions of basket: four-door sedan and 2-door compartment. In 1971, the car Chevrolet Impala suffers external changes. He is also based on B- to the platform and becomes the longest full size car from the some time presented cars by a company General Motors.

In 1977 of change of tendencies at the motor-car market resulted in the next changes of appearance of Chevrolet Impala. A car became more short, narrow and high. A new model of Impala in fact to it was brief version of former Impala on B- to the platform. The next generation of Chevrolet Impala appears in 1991. This year a car gets span-new modern dynamic appearance. The logotype of Impala SS was born-again and used for demonstration of concept on a motor show in Detroit in 1992. John Moss (designer of company General Motors) worked on the design of concept. A serial version went already in 1994. On a hood the engine of LT1 V8 was situated by volume of a 5.7 L. and by power of 300 hp... In 1996 the production of Impala SS was stopped. Chevrolet Impala Renewed Chevrolet Impala goes out in 2000. In a difference from before the produced models of Impala this was already a front-wheel drive car. For him two variants of engines were offered: V6 LA1 by volume of a 3.4 L., by power of 180 hp (offered in standard acquisition) and V6 L36 by volume of a 3.8 L. and by power of 200 hp. Model of Impala 2006 model year was presented on a motor show in Los Angeles in 2005. A car got the new W- platform. In standard acquisition a car is equipped by the engine of LZE V6 by volume of a 3.5 L., power of that makes 211 hp 2 variants of power aggregates are also offered: LZ9 V6 by volume of a 3.9 L. and LS4 V8 by volume of a 5.3 L.

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chevrolet impala chevrolet impala chevrolet impala chevrolet impala
chevrolet impala

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Chevrolet impala

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