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Fisker tramonto

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Fisker tramonto relates to the amazing brand Fisker.
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Debut Fisker Tramonto is a 2-local sporting car of luxury produced by a company Fisker Coachbuild from 2006. Fisker Tramonto behaves to the exotic cars. This supercar is built on the base of luxurious Mercedes SL55 AMG, from that also borrowed great number of basic knots. The personal touches of Mercedes SL55 show up in the exterior of Fisker Tramonto. Fisker Tramonto differs in exclusive appearance are the one 20-inch wheeled disks of stylish form, sporting silhouette, unique optics. The interior of Fisker Tramonto is executed also, as well as appearance - all at very deserving level. Fisker Tramonto Acquisitions: motor, options In the «arsenal» of Fisker Tramonto SUPERCHARGED V - 8 is a turbo engine, by power of 610 hp. Interior and exterior Wide totality of the best technological innovations of Mercedes - Benz, since the hard top taken away by electronics, and ending the system of active pendant(ABC), remained unchanging, as well as systems of safety(including the zones of crumpling and pillow of safety). At the same time TRAMONTO purchased something, and these changes it is difficult not to notice. An engine, brake system and system of producing, can be improved in accordance with your desires - for example, you can get acceleration from 0 to 60 miles/hour for 3.6 seconds and high speed 202 miles/hour. By one pressure of the button on a device panel or controlled from distance stand the hard roof guided by electronics transforms 2-local TRAMONTO from a compartment in roadster only for 16 seconds. And even at the cleaned roof a luggage separation remains spacious enough. Fisker Tramonto An exterior deserves separate attention. Lines fluently go from start to finish - they are not interrupted in accordance with the characteristic design of FISKER. A general external view reflects motion, speed and power, without depending on that, whether heaved up a roof for protecting from a bad weather, or cleaned for a journey on fresh air. The back-end of basket became more «slender», ultrafashionable, the line of luggage rack began to look longer, and bumpers became invisible. He became balanced, balanced, sculptural and by exotic things. From any visual angle he looks uncompromisingly wonderful. An error can not be - this FISKER. Type of basket is Compartment/Cabriolet. And the volume of luggage rack is 230 L. Gaps between basket panels are clear and compressed. Panels are executed from an aluminum and CFRP – materials corresponding to the sporting car of exotic things. Steel is used mildly, for the increase of structural inflexibility.

fisker tramonto fisker tramonto fisker tramonto fisker tramonto
fisker tramonto fisker tramonto fisker tramonto fisker tramonto
fisker tramonto

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Timothy Grady This vehicle came off the production line as an exclusive super car and was finessed into a magnificant engineering marvel of mechanical artistry unequaled to date...
2013-03-23 12:30:33

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