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Skoda fabia

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Skoda fabia relates to the amazing brand Skoda.
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For all the time I was so used to this machine. I think she read my mind! If you need to accelerate, it accelerates when you want to slow down, it slows down where necessary. Sometimes one gets the impression that it is me. I began to actively use the advanced features of electronic assistants.

I managed to find out that the ESP and ASR give a huge load on the engine, even with a dry road surface. Therefore, when you start up the hill with a traffic light, I suggest pressing the button ESP Off. Recently, in our town there are many roads with roundabouts, where the main road is a circular movement. When arriving to a ring on a wet road, I also suggest that you want to disable ESP, since the beginning of the movement from the place can take too long. Transmission in the winter mode is a useful thing in bad weather! To enable this feature, you need while standing still, move the lever away from you to the manual mode and just include the second gear. As a result, we have a very smooth start and fully controlled torque. However, there is one drawback to all this, you can accidentally drop into first gear, then, to go back into that mode, you have to stop.

In a previous review I spoke negatively about the brake system. At the moment I am satisfied with the braking system. I want to say that to a sudden stop you will need to press the pedal harder. That's basically it. During operation the problems experienced. ABS works perfectly and is easy to forecast their behavior. I managed to find out before I do not know how to properly warm up the car. To blue light goes off a cold engine, you have to stand in the cold for 15 to 20 minutes. For this you need to move with minimal impact and not to exceed 3000 rpm. But that's not all. I advise you, as soon as the ignition is you have to include the load: lights, stove, heated mirrors and rear window. Once you clear the windshield of ice, you can start the movement.

skoda fabia

As a result, access to the operating mode will take you about 2 - 3 minutes and no more than 1 km. instead of 10 - 15 minutes and 3 - 5 km. As for gasoline. I do not understand when people who do not care what refuel. Now, I understand that the better the fill with petrol, the car behaves much better. For all the time I poured gasoline grade 92 only 1 time and then by his mistake. Since then, I did not repeat the experiment, because the car was bad. Brand new fuel 95 as of TNK Pulsar is not always better to just 95.

Quality always different. Even if the acceleration is good, visible difference in quality of gasoline, depending on the lot. This is especially noticeable on the engine in the range of 2000 - 3000 rpm. On a good transition from gasoline 2nd gear to 3rd invisible. On poor will be a small loss of power and the switch will be visible. Just want to mention the excellent suspension. As we came back from a holiday in conjunction with Fiat Albea. When traveling on the road is not very good, I do not experiencing no problems supporting 120-130 km / h Fiat could not go more than 100 km / h, because he felt insecure. However, I felt comfortable. Handling has been on top. And the cross was not far behind. However, the cabin was noisy. The second vehicle of a series of Ford Fusion with the same range and the next would not be standing. And if we compare with the Jetta? Brake system in Volkswagen excellent, in my opinion, that's just such brakes shall be imported in the car! When compared with Volkswagen Faba, the car does not slow down much, although there are disc brakes on all wheels. Turbo accelerates much more bright.

Patency of the car is excellent, all thanks to the small overhang!

skoda fabia skoda fabia skoda fabia skoda fabia
skoda fabia skoda fabia skoda fabia skoda fabia

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