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Mitsubishi carisma

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Mitsubishi carisma found on brand Mitsubishi - Carisma
Mitsubishi carisma relates to the amazing brand Mitsubishi.
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For the first time presentation of the car «Mitsubishi Carisma» took place in 1995. The car has taken intermediate seat of company «Mitsubishi» between its models: «Lancer» and «Galant». The car was issued on the Dutch capacities of a factory «NedCar», located in city «Born». It is offered to buyers two versions of execution of the car – a sedan and a hatchback. Thus materials which were applied to furnish of salon, were inexpensive, but it has not affected quality of assembly. A driver's seat – comfortable enough and convenient, all components are located by developers quite logically. Passengers can conveniently be placed on a back seat. Mitsubishi Carisma As the basic unit of the car, has been offered by developers the engine in volume of 1,6 liters and capacity of 99 horsepower’s. As many experts, the car «Mitsubishi Carisma» the first generation – the reliable and excellently balanced car marked. It is necessary to note, that in 1997 in «Mitsubishi Carisma» new, ecologically safe engine in volume of 1,8 liters and has been established by capacity of 125 horsepower’s. In 1999 the company has made completion of model. The primary emphasis has been made on variation of physical appearance of the car. The design of a cowl, bumpers and headlights, bars of a radiator and the panel of devices has been changed. Back headlights of steel of red color. Behind them lamps of indexes of turn are established. Also developers have established new disks of wheels. As a whole, the car «Mitsubishi Carisma» has found more sports character. Mitsubishi Carisma The central console of the car remains constant: the design of the panel of devices, and the console is looked solidly, owing to volumetric division. Also the wide and multipurpose, liquid crystal display on which data about current time and temperature, work of audio of system «RDS» are deduced has been established. Below developers have left apertures of supply of air in salon. It is necessary to note, that the control panel with the display has been transferred by climatic system on seat of a radio tape recorder. The complete set of the equipment of the car is presented: 2 pillows of a security, the conditioner, a radio receiver, 15 inch wheels, disk brakes. Furnish of an internal interior of the car is executed at a worthy level. Quality of materials which were used for equipment of salon – fine. In 2004 the car «Mitsubishi Carisma» has been removed from manufacture.

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mitsubishi carisma

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Mitsubishi carisma

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