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Nissan Almera is one of the great stocks of compact vans. Those who tested it assure that Almera is a reliable and unpretentious car of Golf-class, low-cost and with balanced set of consumer qualities. The first show of Nissan Almera was held in 1995 in Frankfurt. This car with 3 - and 5-door body «hatchback» came up to take Nissan Sunny`s place. Both modifications of Almera are slightly shorter than their predecessors. However thanks to the rational design nor the driver or passengers feels themselves uncomfortable. Nissan Almera The layout of the interior and the exterior has been designed under the leadership of the European technological center of the company Nissan in Grenfield. The main focus was made on emphasizes of the elevated central part of the bodywork, the powerful rear rack and a high line of the roof. The four-cylinder 16-valve engines have been upgraded, developing noticeably larger capacity (respectively 75 and 90 HP) in the range of low frequencies of rotation, which contributed to a more rapid acceleration. Since 1996 the Nissan Almera has been installed with a 2.0-l. diesel engine with 75 HP., attracting by its low fuel consumption. In the autumn of 1998 they introduced Nissan Tino - a compact minivan based on the model of Sunny (Japanese version Nissan Almera). In the same year Almera was re-designed, and in March, 1999 a new generation of Nissan Almera II debuted in Geneva. Now this van became the «European» one - it is manufactured at the factory in the UK. The power of Japanese and European engineering centers were attracted for the development of. One can say that the new Almera today is the European car from the whole model range of Nissan. It is adjusted on a completely new global platform, which is used in Europe, USA and Japan. New Almera, as before, is produced in the form of three - and five door hatchback, as well as the four-door sedan. Nissan Almera Since January 2003, the company Nissan has begun to offers its customers one more diesel modification of the model Nissan Almera. The novelty has received a 1.5-l. turbo diesel engine, equipped with system of direct injection of fuel «Common rail». All four engines meet the requirements of toxicity, adopted in Europe at the present moment, as well as the new CED III rules, that came into force in 2001.

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