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Skoda roomster relates to the amazing brand Skoda.
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First conception of Roomster was presented to public on a motor show in Frankfurt in 2003 to the year. After only 29 months serial Roomster got off from a conveyer. It is noteworthy that in comparison with the mass production of the prototype of the car looks almost the same. Roomster heaved up the brand of company Skoda on the new level of quality. The name was picked up a car symbolical: «room» personifies by itself a comfort, and completion of «ster» (by analogy with «roadster») «automobile» temperament. Skoda Roomster Sporting bright appearance, panoramic glazing of roof, wide side windows - all looks originally, harmoniously and modernly. Front headlights give Roomster friendly and elegant kind. Frontal glass is continuation of basket, feeling is created as a result, that you are in the booth of airplane. The back-end of basket is executed in a strictly cube form. By design, the rear and front of the sort of independent of each other, with the car looks solid and practical. Designers by sight connected two independent halves due to a middle line; girdle Roomster on the lower edge of back lateral glasses, rib of front doors, wings, headlights and chrome-plated overhead part of grate of radiator. Adaptive fog lamps work in turns at motion with speed to 40 km/h and allow lighting up a road in the direction of maneuver. Upon completion of turn light goes back into initial position.

In spite of dynamic and swift lines piercing appearance of Roomster, it is a very comfortable domestic car. Inwardly Roomster has the clear dividing into "driving" and «passenger» to part. The forehand of salon offers the «automobile» landing, deserving level of ergonomics and comfort. The range of regulations of helm (on a height and flight) and seat allows accepting a comfortable pose to the driver of any height. Devices are laconic and informing. The lever of switching of transmissions has optimal motions, clear algorithm of switching and clear selectivity. The seat of driver and front passenger is had the expressed lateral support. Skoda Roomster That Roomster is compact, remind equipped by the doubled «whorehouse» front panel and decent amount of the different capacities holders and glass-holders located on a perimeter. A ceiling height in a 1,6 m. allows to a full degree to feel deeply space scales. Choosing is possible box of switching of transmissions five step mechanical or automatic (at the powerful version of engine).

skoda roomster skoda roomster skoda roomster skoda roomster
skoda roomster skoda roomster skoda roomster skoda roomster
skoda roomster

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