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Suzuki liana

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Suzuki liana found on brand Suzuki - Liana
Suzuki liana relates to the amazing brand Suzuki.
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In 2001 on the Genevan motor show the Japanese producer Suzuki presented a new model with the enigmatic name Liana. Later, it was explained public, that the name Liana is abbreviation meaning life in a new age, i.e. «life is in a new century». Indeed, in America a car will be realized under the name Aerio, as well as for itself on a motherland, in Japan. First year Suzuki Liana was produced only in the basket of hatchback. In 2002 to hatchback sedan was added. His debut took place on a motor-show in Detroit. Suzuki Liana This original and cute car is done on a base to the already a long ago showing oneself model of Baleno. From her Suzuki Liana and adopted a full drive transmission with the drive of back wheels connected through the multidisc coupling. By the way, label 4GRIP, stationing oneself on a luggage rack, specifies on full drive essence of car. There is more accessible at price front-wheel drive version. In a role of main motive body one 4-cylinder engine was set by volume of a 1,6 L. by power of 103 hp. A power aggregate possesses quite good traction on middle turns and, as most «Japanese’s», lays out all potential on high. A five step mechanical gear-box or four range «automat» is offered at choice. The suspension of Liana with lightness gets along at majority of travelling defects. She does not interfere with a hard basket and resilient helm to give feeling of complete control to the driver. Manageability and modern Liana close to ideal. All Liana have wheels from an easy alloy, velour interior, conditioner, four pillows of safety, ÀBS, full size spare wheel, audio preparation with four loud speakers, immobilizer, electro mechanic of mirrors and glasses, heating of front seats. And full drive versions are equipped also by heating of outward mirrors. In general, base acquisition rich enough. Suzuki Liana In terms of interior comfort a car passes ahead many models of the category. Landing in him is high enough, and due to the large area of glazing even in the tensest stream oriented will not make difficulty. Vertical pillar of Suzuki Liana Sport form solid space to ceiling. In a standard equipment Suzuki Liana Sport is practically all, to be proud of the car: it and four pillows of safety, ABS, conditioner, heating of front seats, complete electro-package, radio preparation, immobilizer, cast disks, stylish aerodynamic false weight. An automobile comfort, spacious salon and complete drive, do Suzuki Liana the car perfectly adjusted to the changing terms of new century.

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suzuki liana suzuki liana suzuki liana suzuki liana
suzuki liana

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