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Dodge kary van

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Dodge kary van relates to the amazing brand Dodge.
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dodge kary van dodge kary van dodge kary van dodge kary van
dodge kary van dodge kary van dodge kary van

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george adams the dodge cb 300 is easy and fun to drive, a great size and well built. Why isn't it still in production?
2013-03-18 16:19:17
Robert Kruger I have a 1979 Dodge Kary Van and need some parts for the door in the back of the unit I need the plastic type starp that help lift the door and the spring thats on a rod at the top of the door , this spring helps lift the too. If you know someone I can get those parts I would appreciate it. THANK YOU ROBERT KRUGER
2013-04-27 14:59:48
Lynne Hill Just turned 1.1 million miles on mine. It can be a pain in the a** but I still love the dang thing. I hauled max gvw of bulk mail with it for 25 years as a contractor; 6 days a week on the road and Sundays for preventative maintenance and repairs. It wasn't built for this kind of work but it handled it just fine anyway. The same problems still occur today as when it was just a couple years old-- coil and distributor misbehave when splashing through deep puddles; vacuum leaks develop, and all those pesky things. I'm on the 3rd 360 eng, 2nd tran, and 5th 2bbl carb, each of which were rebuilt to death before I would replace them. The body, interior driver's compartment, oil pan, frame and axles are original. This is one of a handful of them manufactured in Canada late in the model year, and several parts are different from those installed in the US-made trucks. As best I ever figured out, what seems to be incorrect parts numbers are actually parts later used on 1980 B200 vans... born before their time, so to speak, to use on some 79 Karys. Robert Kruger asked about parts for the roll-up door. That's a tough one and it depends on who the mfg is. Mine is a Whiting. I served 5 post offices twice a day, so that's a minimum of opening and closing tat blasted door 10 times a day, 60 times a week. They definitely aren't made for that! You can replace the strap with a wide web strap. Find the material at home Depot and make your own. Take real good care of the rollers and track because they aren't available as replacement parts as far as I know. I've scoured the country for them and the only ones I found are on wrecked vans in salvage yards and you have to buy the whole box. As for the heavy coiled spring, same thing - they aren't around. They aren't commercial grade so I think they were supposed to last 10-15 years and no more. But what you can do is take the truck to a shop that makes hand rebuilds spring coils. Let the shop remove it so it won't be damaged.
2013-08-15 10:36:24
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