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Volkswagen touran found on brand Volkswagen - Touran
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The official debut of Volkswagen Touran took place on Motor Show in Amsterdam in February, 2003. A car got the modern look executed in style of the last cars of company VW. Simple combination of two words «Tour» - turn and name of senior brother «Sharan» gave the original name Touran this car. Volkswagen Touran Volkswagen Touran is built on the platform of model of Golf V. On a car a new back bridge with the four lever pendant of wheels and electro mechanics strengthener of steering gear are used. A steering gear is executed not bad enough, and it is necessary to confess that authors of this creation, and an auto on the whole tried on glory. In the modern interior with comfort Touran can accommodate up to 7 persons, inclusive. Thus his sizes by no means small: length is a 4390 mm, widths are a 1790 mm, and heights are 1630 mm. The vast system of defense includes: straps on all 7 seats, ABS, ESP (Electronic Stabilization Programmer), BAS (Brake Assist System), 6 pillows of safety (frontal and lateral for a driver, front and back passengers). A disk was brakes of all wheels (at the front - with internal ventilation). All above-stated, high active strength security supposes.

Vast base acquisition plugs in itself, except all other, the central blocking of locks with the controlled from distance radio control, external mirrors of back kind with electro-regulation and heating, and also window raisers electrically-actuated. The gamut of engines includes: 1,6 L. of 115 hp. FSI with a direct injection plus two turbo-diesel – 1,9(101 hp) and a 2,0 L. (136 hp). The conservatively adjusted citizens a 102-strong petrol engine is accessible to with the traditional system of injection. Volkswagen Touran Thus, on all models of FSI and TDI six-stage mechanical gear-boxes are serially set. At will of customer a car can be completed a six-stage hydro. The zincked basket of Touran is cooked through a laser that provides high quality of guy-sutures and as a result high inflexibility. It promotes passive strength of car security. In registration of interior of Touran - typical Volkswagen: a strict slightly pedantic design combines with blameless quality. Volkswagen Touran is created for dynamic domestic people valuing a joint pastime. Having well carefully thought out conception of placing of passengers in a salon, Touran is the best example of fitness of his use as a car for realizations of spare time and as a domestic car.

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volkswagen touran

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Volkswagen touran

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