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Ford b-max

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Ford b-max relates to the amazing brand Ford.
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Extremely curiously, when a project is announced at first as concept, and then gets serial embodiment. In March, 2011 Ford B - Max appeared before an audience and journalists on a motor show in Geneva. And it is already talked about the quick scale production of this car. Genevan motor show 2012 year will serve a debut for Ford В-Мах. All detailed technical moments will become known exactly there. But already clear, that a machine is a copy of the prototype practically. It will be to look intently in a design, to notice changes. They touched configuration of front headlights (and that internal) and grate of radiator only. The last began to look hardly more modest - there is not former brilliance of chrome. And in other Ford B-Max is the same car that answers all modern tendencies. Ford В-Мах There is Ford B on the European auto market - Maxс will act, probably, already to the summer 2012 year. For Russia, producing of model is not envisaged. At least in the near future is not exactly planned. The production of space wagon Ford В-Мах must come true in Romania, in Craiova, that in 250 km from Bucharest. Engineering decisions: caring about ecology and economy. We will begin with main. The engineers of company directed all efforts, to save an environment. For this reason in a car Ford B - Max will be used front-rank from this point of view engines. It is very likely this is one of them - gasoline 3-cylinder «Ford EcoBoost». His volume makes an only 1 L. Turbo charging, direct injection of fuel, system of automatic start and stop («Ford Auto - Start – Stop») is here present. Ford В-Мах It was already talked that passengers and driver had a comfortable access to the salon, but business does not close thereon. By 11 cm roof Ford B-Max up Ford Fiesta. People with a solid height exactly will feel a difference. But unwittingly raises another question: what about the overall item you want to transfer? Problems will not make to contain things long a to 2,35 m, certainly if to lay down back seats and front passenger. For a small car it is a very pleasant index. In finishing of interior it will be possible to see quality materials only. For a machine bright colors befit perfectly. And a basket can be so painted not only. Interior with red, yellow or orange plastic inserts in the cell and on the fabric - it's stylish, really. Even adds to the physicality to B-Max. It is very curious to know, what variants of registration will be offered, when a car will enter sale.

ford b-max ford b-max ford b-max ford b-max
ford b-max ford b-max ford b-max ford b-max

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DARRELL E HAMILTON Hope they get it in the STATES quickly. Hope we can get a good engine without TURBO. I like the look.
2013-02-11 18:38:18

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