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Citroen c2

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Citroen c2 relates to the amazing brand Citroen.
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I like to drink French wine and eat cheese. I love French sausage.

I will not advise to buy a French car to anybody who thinks that a car is not only means to transportation.

Why? After all, there are German prestige and comfort, or the price and quality of Japan! The only explanation comes to mind when you fell in love with its unusual design. I've turned out differently.

My circumstances were such that the third year I study in England.

I chose the car by criteria: small, brisk, rather new and not expensive.

My soul was wanted a BMW 120 diesel or Mini Cooper, but it was expensive.

I needed an Automatic transmission, because my girlfriend also went on this car.

I looked for a Corolla, but I have not found a car with Automatic transmission.

As a result at the price, year and appearance I chose Citroen C2.

However, transmission there not absolutely automatic, but a simple transmission with an automatic clutch.

citroen c2

As the fan of BMW's six-piston and manual transmission I would say that simple transmission with an automatic clutch - it's just awful. First, the speed is very short. Only 5 speeds. I go by the car one and a half years and I can't still get used: at a speed of 100 km / h I want to shift the transmission up. At 120 tachometer shows 3700. Secondly, the delay when switching about 1 (!) Second, while accompanied by a decent jerk. Overtaking, thank God, there are shift paddles speeds that sometimes it is very save. Thirdly, on the mode of transmission is not parking, and always have to put on the brake, because of this freeze brake pads even in England.

When driving on a hill the car goes back. However, my girl is not feeling well all these horrors with the transmission.

The motor 1.6 liters (81кв) for such small machine very not bad, I think that with a manual transmission it would be a flash. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, not tried. Noise isolation disgusting, at a speed of more than 130 is not talking. But personally accelerates to 200 km / h, although there was a stink of burning in the cabin, under the tachometer red light blinked. In general, I decided not to try. On the road even in 170 km/h the car costs on the road very confident, thanks to wide track and low profile tires (195.45, P16). Controllability pleasantly surprised, very informatively and is predictable. Because of the low profile tires the car very hard. I believe that in Russia on such wheels long you won't ride. As for the seats in the cabin, even at my height (190) on the front is enough space. As for the back seat, so here leave without comment. By the way, the car four-seater by the passport .

citroen c2 citroen c2 citroen c2 citroen c2
citroen c2 citroen c2 citroen c2 citroen c2

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Citroen c2

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