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Lamborghini aventador

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Lamborghini aventador found on brand Lamborghini - Aventador
Lamborghini aventador relates to the amazing brand Lamborghini.
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In this article we will consider renewed Lamborghini Aventador 2012 year of producing. This model will get considerable modernization in 2012. And what to deliver you from painful expectation I will share present information. This car looks like UFO and creates such sounds that frighten old men and attract young people; his high speed exceeds 300 km/h. In 2012 more credible than all Lamborghini Aventador LP700 4 will exceed all most wild expectations! By the way, I suggest you read the article, which says about the Lamborghini Gallardo update - really very informative. On primary rumors the car of new generation, salient as a receiver of model of Murcielago, will be considerably easier and will get higher indexes as compared to her. Own weight of car makes 1 574 kg, and it on 90 kg easier what model of Lamborghini Murcielago. Reduction of weight was attained due to a new undercarriage of carbon fiber. To start going a car there will be 6,5 L. V12 engine by power of 690 hp. Lamborghini Aventador This considerable power an engine will send to 4 wheels through an only 7-step hydro. Thus new Aventador will be able to be accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h only for 2,9 seconds. High speed the declared a producer is 349 km/h. Needed also to mark that a car will get a new sporting pendant, a management will be improved, and weight of car will be equipartition on all undercarriage and for braking will answer massive carbon-ceramic disk brakes that will be able easily to stop a car even for high-rate.

New Lamborghini Aventador 2012 year has an excellent construction of basket. Hexagonal corners and folds serve in order that to do a car Aventador wicked and really unique. The salon of car a producer Lamborghini tried to do a comfort for a driver and ergonomics. At the renewed model of Aventador for comfort pedals will be a bit displaced, distance will increase from the pillow of seat to ceiling, panel of devices, and also various facilities of management will be fully reconfigured. Lamborghini Aventador A car Lamborghini Aventador will get the most modern systems nevertheless as keyless access and system of start/stop, interfaces of iPod and Bluetooth, automatic climate control; modern navigational, all of it will be plugged in standard acquisition. Other acquisitions will plug in itself: transparent machine coverage, chrome-plated black cast disks, front and back parktronic; seats are managed with heating, most modern audio system, different internal systems of illuminating from beneath. At the moment this is all information as of today. Cost and date beginning of producing of car will be known nearer to 2012. As soon as more complete information will appear I will write the detailed review at once, to be in a course subscribing for updating of web-site.

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lamborghini aventador

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Lamborghini aventador

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