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Maserati 8cm

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Maserati 8cm relates to the amazing brand Maserati.
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From all brothers, Alfieri Maserati was the most talented engineer and the designer. It has died in 1932 that became strong impact for company «Maserati». The Most part of development in the field of motor industry should be suspended, but fortunately, Alfieri already by then with advantage has finished development of two new power units to provide high positions of competitiveness of the company. These engines were very similar on the design, but differed quantity of cylinders. One of such engines was established in the car «Maserati 8cm». maserati 8cm The car «Maserati 8cm» has been presented to general public per 1935. The car differed new characteristics of the engine and design of the ex-terrier. At design of this model of the car, engineers have decided to increase a forward part of the car significantly. Due to application of such constructional decision, the center of gravity of the car was displaced. Thus, the car «Maserati 8cm» differs the high parameters of controllability and a maneuverability that is not unimportant in a car racing. Also designers have added additional cross-beams in a body of the car, for an increase of parameters of aerodynamics. The new car became more stable due to an increase of its weight. The weight of the car makes 750 kg. The car differs high parameters of speed due to installation of the powerful power unit. On the car is established the updated brake system with drum-type brakes. The body of the car «Maserati 8cm» is executed from aluminum. Also new shock-absorbers which allow increasing coupling of the car with a road covering have been established. maserati 8cm Designers have made a decision to establish in the car the updated model of the power unit. 8 cylinder engines, by volume 3,0 liters and capacity of 280 horsepower’s is established at 5800 turns in a minute. Also designers have established on the engine new system of supply of fresh air – «Roots-Type», which significantly increases capacity of the power unit. On the engine 4 step mechanical box of switching of transfers is established. The maximal speed of the car «Maserati 8cm» to make 270 kilometers at an o'clock.

maserati 8cm maserati 8cm maserati 8cm maserati 8cm
maserati 8cm maserati 8cm maserati 8cm maserati 8cm
maserati 8cm

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