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Mercedes-benz unimog u

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Mercedes-benz unimog u relates to the amazing brand Mercedes-benz.
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Once again, Mercedes-Benz Unimog has got the title of the best "special vehicle" according to the opinion of reader of "Off Road" magazine. So, Mercedes-Benz Unimog represents the family of universal off-road vehicles for special use (a large amount of additional attachments is available for it). The car was developed for transportation of goods in extreme conditions. Mercedes-Benz Unimog The first model was created shortly after the World War II (in 1945) for usage in agriculture, the serial production started from 1949, and it got the brand name "Mercedes-Benz" in 1951. The car was designed with permanent four-wheel drive with the wheels of the same size to ride the roads at higher speeds than standard tractors did. Today the brand Unimog includes three series: - heavy (437), which consists of U 4000 model and U 5000, developed for driving on rugged terrain; they are designed to work in difficult road conditions. They get through natural disasters, forest fires to the most remote places which is the impossible task for most ATVs. - medium (405), which includes such models as U 300, U 400 and U 500, it is used with attachments. They are used as an all-terrain vehicle in the municipal services of the city, in agriculture, in construction and energy management. - lightweight model U 20 was made only for the left drive movement and it is based on the shorten base of U 300 with a cab-over-engine, borrowed from the Brazilian light truck Accelo. As a result, the radius of turning is less than 6,3 m. This allows the truck to maneuver in the narrow streets and overpass the off-road. It has also the outstanding cross characteristics: the angles of entry/lowering are respectively 27 and 30 degrees. This version has a four-cylinder 4.25 l. turbo diesel OM 904 LA with a capacity of 150-hp. The machine has the locking of the front and rear differential and permanent all-wheel drive. Mercedes-Benz Unimog Mercedes-Benz Unimog has a high ground clearance and a flexible frame, which is the part of the suspension, that’s why it can not be used for transportation of the large amount of goods as the common vehicles.

mercedes-benz unimog u mercedes-benz unimog u mercedes-benz unimog u mercedes-benz unimog u
mercedes-benz unimog u mercedes-benz unimog u mercedes-benz unimog u mercedes-benz unimog u
mercedes-benz unimog u

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Mercedes-benz unimog
Mercedes-benz unimog u

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